CM Invites Russian Participation in Amaravati

CM Invites Russian Participation in Amaravati


CM Invites Russian Participation in Amaravati

Russia’s resources and AP’s IT can be an excellent combination: CM

Highlights of the meeting with Russian Prime Minister

*  CM extends invitation to Russian Prime Minister
*  PM agreed in principle and asks his minister to work out details
*  Projects to be initiated before Russian President’s visit to India
*  CM invites Russian participation in Amaravati construction

Chief Minister during his meeting with the Russian Prime Minister Mr. Dmitry Medvedev said that India and Russia are natural and traditional friends who stood by each other for decades.

Observing that Russia has strong roots in manufacturing, technology and natural resources he said AP is leading in innovation, IT and in adapting best practices from across the globe.

"Both our countries have strong leadership now which is making a lot of difference to both the countries, “said the CM.

Mentioning that AP has an important naval base in Vishakhapatnam the CM listed out the possible areas of strong Russia presence in aerospace, Defence, Oil, Inland waterways and Nuclear energy etc.

Giving a call to Russian firms to make AP their investment destination the Chief Minister said that AP offers a lot of opportunities in the green field capital Amaravati.

Russian Prime Minister remarked that today’s meeting with the three Chief Minister’s of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan is historic.

“It signals that Russia is not Moscow and India is not Delhi. We will initiate cooperation between our provinces and your states,” the Russian PM said.

The Chief Minister said Russia’s resources and AP’s IT can be an excellent combination. It will be a win- win situation for both he added.

Later, the CM invited Russian Prime Minister Mr. Dmitry Medvedev to visit Amaravati.

Mr. Medvedev agreed in principle and asked Trade Minister Mr. Denis Valentinovich Manturov to work out the details.

Chief Minister also asked the Russian Prime Minister to initiate some projects and initiatives before the President Mr. Vladimir Putin visit to India.

To this, the Prime Minister asked the Trade Minister Mr. Manturov to follow up.

In his concluding remarks, the Chief Minister Shri N. Chandrababu Naidu invited Russian participation in Amaravati construction and said he is willing to have Russian Industrial Cluster.