TANA Balotsavam on 30 July 2022

TANA Balotsavam on 30 July 2022

TANA Balotsavam is an appropriate platform for kids to exhibit their soft skills. TANA Balotsavam will be conducted in month of July with the main program date to be on July 30th. Competitions will be conducted in Music - SINGING, Dance, Telugu Peom recitation, Public speaking, fancy dress and Rubix cube. Judgment is through judges and public polling.

Registration link: https://events.tana.org/event/TANA-BALOTSAVAM-2022

Guidelines link: https://tana.org/balotsavam2022_guidelines

Last day for Registration: July 10th

Last day for video submission: July 17th

Last day for public polling: July 27th

There will be 2 Age Categories. 5 to 10 years old and 11 to 16 years old.

Hurry up!!!! And register. This platform is the best way for children to sharpen their inner skills and boost confidence.


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