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Zee Telugu viewers are in for a treat as it launches Drama Juniors season 6 and premieres Charlie 777 this Sunday

Zee Telugu viewers are in for a treat as it launches Drama Juniors season 6 and premieres Charlie 777 this Sunday

Zee Telugu has presented its viewers with several clutter-breaking reality shows and hit movies since its inception, grabbing the eyeballs of the Telugu-speaking audience with its unique and engaging content in this process. And this weekend once again, the channel has two interesting offerings for its viewers! In a bid to give the audience a heartfelt movie experience, Zee Telugu is all set to present the world television premiere of Charlie 777 on Sunday, 11th June at 5.30 pm. But that’s not it! As a part of its exciting Sunday programming, the channel is also bringing back yet another exciting season of its popular non-fiction show - Drama Juniors, which will premiere on 11th June and air every Sunday at 9 pm, only on Zee Telugu!

Zee Telugu will kickstart its Sunday Entertainment Fiesta with the world television premiere of the popular movie - Charlie 777. The heart-warming movie will revolve around Dharma (Rakshit Shetty) - an emotionless young man who leads the same life every day and has no one to love or care for! One fine day, his life will change, when a Labrador - Charlie appears at his doorstep. Though he wants to get rid of the dog, he gets emotionally attached. In fact, he will even begin to accept him as a part of his life, but in a turn of events, he comes to know something worrying about Charlie. What happens next and what Dharma does will surely make the viewer emotional. Watch this heartening tale and what follows during the world television premiere of Charlie 777 this Sunday at 5.30 pm, only on Zee Telugu.

The channel will continue its Entertainment Bonanza as it also launches Drama Juniors season 6 with an epic premiere episode this Sunday. The popular kids’ reality show, which has won everyone’s heart over the years, is returning to Telugu Television for its sixth season. But what’s even more interesting is that popular veteran star Jaya Prada will be seen turning into a judge for the very first time for Drama Juniors season 6, alongside Babu Mohan and Sridevi Vijaykumar. The trio will guide and judge the talented kids of the region and present the youngest acting talents of the industry as Drama Juniors season 6 kickstarts from 11th June and airs every Sunday at 9 pm, only on Zee Telugu. After successfully completing five seasons, Zee Telugu is all set to bring to the fore new and hidden talents from across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. They will give the young kids a massive platform to grow as artistes, while entertaining its audience.

For the uninitiated, Drama Juniors season 6 will be hosted by popular anchor Pradeep Machiraju, who is promising to keep the audience entertained and engaged throughout the season. What’s even more exciting is that he will kickstart the launch episode on a spectacular note this Sunday with his charismatic entry and his hilarious banter with the audience, judges and the contestants. The judges will also recite some moral tales, sing poetry, rhymes, and chat about their childhood memories during the first episode.

Coming to the competition, the contestants will also be seen performing in a variety of genres in terms of acting, including comedy and mythology, from the first episode itself. Clearly, everyone is sure to enjoy this roller coaster ride with some amazing talent impressing them and being judged and mentored by the superstars of Indian cinema.

Get ready to enjoy a rollercoaster ride of fun and emotions as Zee Telugu airs the World Television Premiere of Charlie 777 and launches Drama Juniors season 6 this Sunday, 11th June from 5.30 pm onwards!



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