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Working for a Nativity Fun Entertainer Aay Film was a new experience. Surely, you will love the songs - Music Director Ram Miriyala

Working for a Nativity Fun Entertainer Aay Film was a new experience. Surely, you will love the songs - Music Director Ram Miriyala

Listening to his songs feels like a friend is singing. He sings with such understanding of our emotions, as if he's touching our inner feelings. Authenticity in singing is his forte. As both a singer and a music director, he has secured a stable position in the hearts of listeners by leaving his own mark. Currently, he is composing music for the Telugu entertainment venture 'Aay'.

The reputable production house GA2 Pictures banner is bringing the Nativity Fun Entertainer 'Aay'. Narne Nithiin and Nayan Sarika are playing the lead roles. Anji K. Mani Putra is directing this movie. Bunny Vas and Vidya Koppineedi are producing this fun entertainer. The movie is gearing up for release soon. This occasion calls for a special chat with singer and music director Ram Miryala...

- I was invited by  Bunny Vas Garu for 'AAY' movie. He likes my style of music. He also said we would be making a Nativity Based Fun Entertainer. I was wondering what role I could play there. But when I went there and heard the story.. they've done a great job. It's a movie set against the backdrop of Godavari. The movie has a mix of comedy along with a sweet love story. It's a family entertainer appealing to all categories of audiences."

- I have composed two songs for the movie. Recently, the melodious song 'Sufiyana..' was released. The response to the song has been superb. After the movie comes out in theaters, the song will connect with the next range of audience. Another song is set in a wedding procession. It will also be released soon.

- Usually, there should be a good rapport between the music director and the director. Only then good music emerges. This has proven true in many instances. Now, the song 'Sufiyana..' has turned out so well because of director Anji K. Mani Putra. He provided me with the details, with which I could provide good songs.

- As a singer, as a music director, I wish to do all kinds of songs. Sometimes, there may be opportunities where I cannot do certain things. But there's always a chance to do something different. Moreover, the bonding that exists between the director and us is bringing out a new output in our field. I've only just begun to experience this. Thanks to everyone involved.

- Currently, I'm working on the 'Aay' movie. The movie is gearing up for release soon. Also, the movie 'Tillu Square' is releasing on March 29."

- Every day, as a technician, I strive to excel. I must provide new sounding to the viewers as a singer, as a music director. With such determination, viewers will connect. In this journey, I have been directed and guided by many music directors and directors. Thanks to everyone.



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