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Viewers Will Feel Strong Connection With Characters Of 'Sarvam Sakthi Mayam' - Director Pradeep Maddali

Viewers Will Feel Strong Connection With Characters Of 'Sarvam Sakthi Mayam' - Director Pradeep Maddali

Pradeep Maddali who made his directorial debut with Sathya Dev headlined thriller '47 Days' has directed a web series 'Sarvam Sakthi Mayam' which is streaming now in Telugu and Tamil languages on aHa while it's Hindi version is streaming on ZEE 5. BVS Ravi is the creator of the show along with providing the story and Pradeep Maddali has directed it. The 10 episode series which is currently streaming on aHa explores about Shakti Peethas and significance of Hinduism. 'Sarvam Sakthi Mayam' which started streaming from Dussehra has received tremendous response in OTT space. On this occasion Director Pradeep Maddali has shared his happiness and experiences about the series.

How did you come this far? What is your background?

- I am from Rajahmundry. I completed my engineering there and worked as team lead for five years in IT at CSC. Then I met Ram Gopal Varma garu and Puri Jagannadh garu. I worked for five years with Puri garu. With '47 Days' I became a director. 

Didn't you felt risk while taking up a huge span project like 'Sarvam Sakthi Mayam' as your second project? How did you handled it?

- It is a greta responsibility handling such kind of subject. I know BVS Ravi garu very well. We used to meet to discuss various subjects. BVS Ravi garu is the creator and writer for 'Sarvam Sakthi Mayam'. When he narrated me this idea, I liked it instantly. I felt that this is a great opportunity and agreed to do it.

How did you feel when Ravi garu chose you for such a big project?

- Ravi garu knows very well about me. He knows about my strengths since the days I was working with Puri garu in direction department. Meanwhile we discussed a lot of projects. Whenever he narrated me an idea, I revert back with versions to it. That's why he believed in me about handling this project. 

What is the similarity you observed in Ram Gopal Varma garu, Puri Garu, Ravi Garu?

- They individually has their own way of executing things. But, the common quality they share is that they all are rebellious in their own ways.

What is the best thing you have learnt from Puri garu ?

- Puri garu is a perfect gentleman. Its amazing how he see success and failure. He is always the same be it with the hero of the film and lightboy, his behaviour remains constant. I have learned a lot of such life lessons from him.

Many creative persons worked for this project. How did you travel with them ?

- It went with the flow. BVS Ravi Garu and Project Head Hemanth Madhukar Garu working on this subject from a longtime. Due to some unavoidable reasons the project didn't got materialized. Then I joined the project. Project scale is very big. We shot it in 58 days. Though it has less number of working days, travelling, rekki of locations took time. Because of all these people we were able to pull it off as per our plan. 

To do such kind of spiritual subject, one must be in that path. How much spiritual you are?

- I came from an orthodox family. My mother spends most of her time in performing poojas. Initially I too was like that. But, after I started travelling with RGV garu and Puri garu, I moved away from them. Once I started my own trials to become a director I need to go to my roots. Then I took a spiritual path. I practiced meditation, Kriya Yoga and Suddha Yoga and observed the energy behind them. Along with our efforts we must need a power, energy beside us to accomplish a task. While I was in this phase, I got this offer from Ravi garu. This change in me might be the reason behind Ravi gari decision to opt for me as the director of this project.

It is very hard to execute such subjects. How did you handle it?

- Luckily we got actors with amazing talent, Priyamani garu, Sanjay Suri garu, Sameer Soni garu, Aslesha Thakur... everyone is an amazing actor. My work became easy handling such matured actors. 

While handling projects with spiritual aspects, some times miracles happen while making. Any such incidents?

- We planned the first schedule during peek summer. We made a schedule of 18-20 days starting from Orissa to Kashmir. It went very smooth without any obstacle. Entire film completed without any kind of issues. I feel it's a miracle. We must appreciate our producers Vijay Garu, Ankith Garu and Kaumudi garu for their relentless support. This not OTT commissioned project. We executed it as an independent project and after completion we approached OTT's. This is a big miracle.

Most of the cast has Hindi actors? Why did you opted for Bollywood actors?

- We made this as a Hindi project to get it a wide reach. That's why we went for a Bollywood casting. We balanced it with Priyamani Garu. Her choice is also according to the story. 

There is a risk in doing such sensitive subjects. While making a project about Shakti Peethas even a small miscommunication leads to many comments and controversies. What kind of precautions did you take to prevent them?

- Basically the research for this project has been carried out meticulously. Ravi Garu, Sira Sri Garu and myself indulged in many discussions in finalising the script. It came out logically and reasoningly well on the paper itself. We didnt find any such controversial issues. 

These Sakthi Peethas are said to be the places where Ammavaari body parts fell off. Is there any proofs for this in Vedas and mythology?

- We told the story about Ammavari Sakthi Peethalu. While Daksha Yagnam was being performed, Sathi Devi's father didn't invited Lord Shiva. Knowing this angry Sati Devi offered herself to fire. Then to cool down lord Shiva, lord Sree Mahavishnu has severed her body parts with his sudarshana chakra and wherever her body parts fell down, those places became Shakti Peethas. Writer Thota Prasad garu told me that Ashtadasa Sakthi Peethas are most powerful places. Along with her body parts, her blood flowed on this land which made this land a powerful and great place. That is why our Bharat is considered as pristine land.

How is the response for Telugu, Tamil versions in aHa and Hindi version in ZEE5?

- Hindi version was released on ZEE 5 in June. It garnered Terrific response. It got released in Telugu and Tamil versions on aHa on 20th October. I am getting messages of appreciation from all over the country. I am very happy to see such a positive and warm response from the viewers. As this is not a regular crime, thriller series, it will take time to grow more on audience. Everyone will talk about this more and more in the upcoming days. Thanks to the audience for their amazing response. 

Tell us about your future project?

- I am doing my next in Ram Talluri gari SRT Entertainment banner. It will be a prestigious web series. Details will be announced very soon.

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