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"True Lover" Intriguingly Reflects the Lives of Lovers - Heroine Sri Gouri Priya

"True Lover" Intriguingly Reflects the Lives of Lovers - Heroine Sri Gouri Priya

The film "True Lover" stars Manikandan, Sri Gauri Priya, and Kanna Ravi in lead roles, produced by Nazerath Pasilian, Magesh Raj Pasilian, and Yuvraj Ganesan under the banners of Million Dollar Studios and MRP Entertainment. Director Prabhuram Vyas brings forth a unique love story, with star director Maruthi and successful producer SKN presenting it to the Telugu audience. The movie is set for a grand theatrical release on the 10th of this month, and on this occasion, heroine Sri Gouri Priya shared insights about the film.

- Hailing from Hyderabad, I have had an interest in cultural activities since childhood, actively participating in school and college events. With a passion for music, I began singing and, after winning the title of Miss Hyderabad in 2018, started receiving offers from the film industry. Although my initial focus was on art, becoming a heroine happened accidentally, without any childhood dreams of pursuing such a career. I gained recognition through a web series with Priyadarshi at Vyjayanthi Movies, followed by roles in movies like "Mad" with Suhas during the lockdown. Last year, these films were released, garnering appreciation. Subsequently, I entered the Tamil audience's hearts through the web series "Modern Love Chennai," directed by prominent directors. After witnessing my performance, the team approached me for "True Lover," originally made in Tamil under the title "Lover," releasing on the 9th there and on the 10th in Telugu.

- The script of "True Lover," as narrated by director Prabhuram Vyas, was highly exciting. Unlike typical love stories where the hero and heroine fall in love, encounter conflicts, and reunite, this story delves into multiple dimensions. Life is neither entirely right nor wrong, with perceptions varying based on context and individual perspectives. The director artfully portrays a girl's view of a boy and vice versa in different situations, making it a multi-dimensional story that unfolds over six years. Judging someone solely based on circumstances is futile, as numerous incidents occur in six years, preventing a definitive conclusion. This movie intriguingly captures the entire journey, allowing lovers to relate its scenes to their lives—a unique aspect of the film. It remains true to naturalness without veering towards commercial elements.

- In "True Lover," I portray the character of Divya. Before commencing the shoot, we underwent workshops and I dubbed in Tamil, with the team providing significant support. Understanding the character of Divya, scripted uniquely by director Prabhuram Vyas, took time. Divya's character exhibits various shades, and I ensured my performance aligned with the character's scope. Working with Manikandan was delightful; he is a talented individual, and the cooperation on set was excellent.

- The news that SKN and Maruthi are releasing "True Lover" in Telugu brought immense joy. Their involvement assures a positive reception from the Telugu audience. As a Telugu girl, I understand the audience's desire to watch my films, and it's regrettable that I won't be present during the release. However, I eagerly anticipate joining the audience in the theater after my engagements in Chennai.

- Acting in Tamil movies as a Telugu girl does not make me feel alienated from Tollywood. I continue to receive good offers in Telugu as well. I'll share more details after the release of "True Lover." The Tamil and Telugu film industries have coexisted for decades, with many Tamil heroes gaining popularity in Telugu, and vice versa. The language initially posed challenges, but I've since mastered Tamil. Today, content is paramount, and movies with compelling stories are certain to attract audiences. With the rise of OTTs, viewers appreciate content from around the world, and "True Lover" boasts quality content that instills confidence in its success.



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