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The film 'Music Shop Murthy', made with love and soul, should become a big success: Sai Rajesh

The film 'Music Shop Murthy', made with love and soul, should become a big success: Sai Rajesh

Ajay Ghosh and Chandni Chowdary played prominent roles in the movie 'Music Shop Murthy'. Harsha Garapati and Ranga Rao Garapati produced this movie under Fly High Cinemas banner. Siva Paladugu has written and directed this movie. 'Music Shop Murthy' is slated to release on June 14th. Meanwhile, a pre-release event of the movie was held on Wednesday. Director Sai Rajesh and producer Dheeraj Mogilineni were the chief guests for this event.

 *While speaking at the event, Sai Rajesh said,* “Harsha Garu released our movie 'Baby' overseas. Our film came out because of his confidence. I didn't know before that Music Shop Murthy was Harsha Garu's movie. The trailer shows that the director has made this film with love, soul, and passion. I love Pawan's music. Srinivas captured the visuals brilliantly. Chandni is an amazing actress. I wish her to attain a good break with this film. Ajay Ghosh is enjoying a good phase now. He can play any role. I hope this movie will become a big success.”

 *Dheeraj Mogilineni said,* “Harsha distributed our films overseas. He chooses content-based films, after watching teasers and trailers. His judgment is spot-on. Well, he is becoming a producer with this film. I have known Director Siva for a month. He didn't look like a debut director. He has good knowledge in every aspect of filmmaking. I have already seen the movie. Ajay Ghosh makes everyone cry with his performance. It inspires people from all walks of life. It will connect emotionally to everyone. Chandni is the main pillar of this film. Aamani has acted amazingly. The film’s team worked very hard. If this film becomes a success, everyone will get a good name.”

 *Ajay Ghosh said,* “Thanks to Sai Rajesh and Dheeraj Mogilineni who came as guests for the event. Dheeraj came forward to release our film after watching it. We can’t move forward without someone recognizing our talent and encouraging us. Everyone will connect with this movie. What we wanted to be? What we have become? Where did we end Up? We will get clarity on all these after watching this movie. You will thoroughly enjoy watching this movie. You will become emotional. Everyone has seen the characters of Murthy, Anjana, and the society around them in Music Shop Murthy, in promos. Dayanand, Chandini, and Aamani have all acted brilliantly. Someone somewhere connects with each character. It's not a movie, it's a life journey. Anyone can achieve anything after watching this movie. I don’t know what did the director see in me. But he waited two and a half years for me. I also faced more difficulties than Murthy in this industry. My wife stood by me a lot during this journey. It’s a must-watch movie for every family. All sections of people will like this movie. They will watch 100 cr movies and also content-based movies. Everyone should watch our movie on June 14th.”

 *Chandni Chowdary said,* “Thanks to Sai Rajesh Garu and Dheeraj Garu who came to our event as guests. Every human has hopes and ambitions. Some are known at an early age. Some are closer to reality. Others are far from reality. This film will connect with everyone who has such hopes and aspirations. You are never too old to dream in life. The age limit is set for each and everyone in the society. Most of them disappoint you. Many will compromise. Our film intends to say that having a goal and a dream has nothing to do with age. Ten or twelve years ago I thought I would be a heroine. Many people laughed. There were days when I laughed too. Now, two of my films are releasing on the same day. It is a pleasure to act in such a film. It will emotionally connect to everyone. Even if a hundred people watch this movie and one think like Murthy, then we have won. Watch our movie with families on 14th June. Everyone will like it.”

 *Siva Paladugu said,* “Everyone will like our film one hundred percent. The movie 12th Fail came out and became a big hit. It was an inspirational story. A movie titled Laapataa Ladies was also a big success. It was an emotional drama. Our film is also an inspirational and emotional one. Everyone likes our film. Without our team, this film would not have turned out so well. Thanks to everyone who worked on the film. It may be a small film, but it is a big movie because of the story, emotion, and performance of the artists. Everyone will enjoy this movie. Watch our movie on June 14th and support it.”

 *Harsha Garapati said,* “I have distributed Hrudaya Kaleyam in New Jersey through Fly High Cinemas. We also distributed Dheeraj's Baby and Ambajipet overseas. I share a good rapport with both of them. Thanks to both of them who came as guests to our event. Everyone will understand the acting prowess of Ajay Ghosh, after watching this movie. Special thanks to Chandni Chowdary. Our film is releasing on June 14th. Please watch and encourage it.”

 *Music director Pawan said,* "Before I did RR, I saw the film and felt it would become a hit. I thought it would be enough if I didn’t spoil the experience with the background score. I have given music for a very good film.”

 *Cameraman Srinivas said,* “Thanks to Sai Rajesh Garu and Dheeraj Garu for coming to our event. Thanks to the directors and producers who believed in me and gave me a chance. We believe that we have made a good film. Our film is coming on June 14th. I hope everyone will watch and support the film.”

 *Editor Nageshwar said,* “We get a feel of watching a biopic of a person. It will have such feel and emotions. The film is releasing on June 14th. Everyone should watch and make it successful.”

 *Dayanand said,* “Thanks to Sai Rajesh and Dheeraj who came to the event. I will be seen as a club owner in this movie. This is a very new role for me. Thanks to the director Siva who believed in me and gave me the character. Chandni's character and Ajay Ghosh's characters can't be done by anyone. Our film is coming on June 14th. It is a film that will make everyone emotional.”



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