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The Emotions In 'Ala Ninnu Cheri' Will Haunt, Even After Leaving Theatre: Director Maresh Shivan

The Emotions In 'Ala Ninnu Cheri' Will Haunt, Even After Leaving Theatre: Director Maresh Shivan

Dinesh Tej, Hebba Patel and Payal Radhakrishna starrer feel-good wholesome entertainer 'Ala Ninnu Cheri' is presented by Kommalapati Sridhar under the banner of Viision Movie Makers. Director Maresh Shivan included all the elements, to attract all sections of audiences. Kommalapati Sai Sudhakar produced the film with Subhash Anand as the music director. The film is going to release on November 10th. In the meantime, director Maresh Shivan interacted with the media.

About the journey of Ala Ninnu Cheri, the director reveals, “I wrote this story in 2012. The story takes place in the same backdrop. This is the story that will connect to every human being. The movie has a message of what to do if you have to choose between love and goal. I wish, at least, some people will change after watching the film. The emotions in the movie will haunt, even after leaving the theatres.”

The director affirms that everyone will connect with the content. “It is not my life story, such incidents happen in everyone's life. Everyone will relate to the incident. Although this is a story written in 2012, it will connect even today. Although the technology has grown, the emotions remain the same. Everyone has the same emotions.”

Maresh Shivan assures Ala Ninnu Cheri is a complete family entertainer. “The Censor Board has given U/A certificate. Our producer liked the story immediately and he became emotional. That's why the movie was crafted in a very grand manner to appeal to all sections of the audience.

He discloses the reason for casting Dinesh Tej for the movie. “Dinesh is my friend from Husharu time. I told this story to Bekkem Venugopal. Finally, this story went to Dinesh. He is an upcoming actor. Payal Radhakrishna previously acted in a web series. The rest are senior artists.”

Maresh avows the movie is a good love story with emotions, and it has good scope for music. “This film mainly revolves around love and emotions. In this, we have shown the theme of how the hero achieved his goal as well as his love. Music is one of the major assets of this film. It has excellent songs, and BGM provided by Music Director Subhash Anand. Goosebumps are guaranteed in the theatres. After watching this movie and songs, directors like Trinadha Rao Nakkina said, 'This is not a small movie... it will be a big hit'. Bekkem Venugopal said, 'It made me emotional'. Bellamkonda Suresh praised saying, 'No words to describe'.

The director says he can’t reveal how the movie ends, until its release. “I can't say that right now. That's my strength. You will know it when you see it in the theatres.”

Maresh Shivan unveils his background. “I like to write stories since childhood. I will stay with the concept of being close to reality. I worked at Anand Sai. I have worked in Pawan Kalyan's films. I did many films as an assistant to the art director. But I wanted to be a director. After a lot of struggle, this project materialized. I first told this story to Bekkem Venugopal. Now he says that he has missed a good movie.”

The director says the movie will be released in 200 theatres initially. “We will increase theatres, if word of mouth is positive, after the release.”

The director also thanked Oscar-winning lyricist Chandrabose for penning all the songs in the movie, senior technician Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao for editing it, and popular stunt directors King Solomon, and Ramakrishna for choreographing action part.



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