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Telugu Ugadi Grand Celebrations in Canada

Telugu Ugadi Grand Celebrations in Canada

The Telugu New Year, called 'Ugadi,' was joyfully observed by the Telugu community of Greater Toronto Area at the Dante Alighieri Academy auditorium located in Etobicoke, Canada. Many hundreds of Telugu families hailing from nearby cities, including Toronto, Markham, Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, Waterdown, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Hamilton, Milton, and other regions, took part in the six-hour-long program, which included an assortment of activities such as
music, dance, a Youth Fashion Show, a Cooking Competition, and several other exciting events.

The proceedings began with some mingling and a video presentation featuring the sponsors and executive committee members who shared their experiences with the Telugu Cultural Association of Greater Toronto (TCAGT). The participants responded positively and showed great enthusiasm, indicating their happiness and enjoyment for the successful organization of the event that included a range of family-friendly entertainment and delicious festive cuisine.

The Telugu Cultural Association of Greater Toronto (TCAGT) guests, members, families, and friends were greeted with a beautiful and vibrant rangoli design adorning the venue as they arrived. The festivities commenced with the singing of the Canadian National Anthem, after which the TCAGT Executive Committee and their spouses performed the 'Deeparadhana' ritual, lighting the traditional Indian lamp as part of the ceremony.

The Telugu Association Secretary, Pravalika Koona, gave the welcome address at the event. During her speech, she emphasized the importance of the Ugadi festival and expressed gratitude to the sponsors and volunteers for their invaluable assistance and support in making these grand festivities possible.

At the event, Pandit Sri Manjunath Siddhanthi delivered the Panchaga Sravanam, while a variety of performances entertained the audience. These included classical dances by Priyanka Pahari, a devotional song by Dhrithi, a Youth Fashion show presented by the youth, and a Cooking Competition. The Giridhar Naik Group also performed captivating dance routines that entertained people of all ages. Additionally, the audience enjoyed a non-stop Tollywood musical night featuring popular singers such as Mounima, Sandeep Kurapati, and Sharmila Ganesh.

The President of TCAGT, Siva Prasad Yellala, conveyed his Ugadi greetings to the attendees. During his speech, he acknowledged the new members and highlighted some of the TCAGT's significant accomplishments in its thirty-three years of community service. He also pointed out the association's distinct strength in nurturing several leaders, singers, and artists by providing them with a platform to grow and develop.

Former TCAGT Chairman and Main Sponsor, Surya Bezawada, extended his Ugadi greetings at the event and expressed his appreciation for the co-sponsors, Executive Committee, and trustees for successfully organizing this year's massive Ugadi celebrations in a relatively short period. Despite the continuous rain and cold weather conditions, he thanked the participants and attendees for braving the elements and being present at the event.

During the event, Surya Bezawada introduced the evening's chief guest, Honourable Deepak Anand, Member of Provincial Parliament, Mississauga-Malton. He spoke highly of Hon. Deepak Anand, describing him as a diligent, unassuming, and community-oriented person who has been a tremendous source of support to the Telugu Community.

Honourable Deepak Anand delivered the Ugadi greetings during the event and expressed his delight in being present to engage with the lively Telugu community in Toronto. He praised the founding members, life members, the Executive Committee, and trustees for their efforts in upholding the Telugu Cultural heritage and language in Canada.

The TCAGT Founding members, Executive office bearers, and Trustees presented a shawl and bouquet to the sponsor, Dr. Uday Vaddey. Additionally, Dr. Uday Vaddey, along with the TCAGT office bearers and Trustees, honored Hon. Deepak Anand with a shawl and bouquet. Hon. Deepak Anand also presented an appreciation certificate to the TCAGT Executive Committee for their exceptional service to the Telugu Community.

The main event sponsor, LSP Services and Products, conducted a raffle draw and the first, second, and third prize winners were selected by Honorable Deepak Anand and Surya Bezawada. The LSP team, Asheesh Kumar and Dragica Stojimirovic, presented the prizes to the winners. Banjara India Cuisine provided authentic and traditional tasty food that was freshly prepared and served.

The guests and attendees expressed their gratitude to the Executive Committee and the dynamic Telugu community of Toronto for their steadfast efforts in preserving and promoting Telugu language and culture over the last thirty-three years. Vishal Bezawada and Sharmila Ganeshan hosted the event as masters of ceremony. Their engaging and amusing presentation skills enhanced the overall quality of the event. They also organized interactive quizzes for the audience, which resulted in several young and adult participants receiving substantial cash prizes.

The Treasurer, Teja Vajha, expressed gratitude to all those who made the event possible and brought it to a successful conclusion. The event ended with the singing of the Indian National Anthem, leaving everyone in high spirits and satisfied with the fun, excitement, and outstanding performance of the day. You can access additional pictures of the event by clicking on the link below.


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