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Priyamani's 'Bhamakalapam 2' trailer launch happened grandly at Vijayawada

Priyamani's 'Bhamakalapam 2' trailer launch happened grandly at Vijayawada

Starring the iconic actress and National Award winner Priyamani in the lead role, 'Bhamakalapam 2' will be available for streaming directly on Aha from February 16. Seerat Kapoor and Sharanya Pradeep played pivotal roles. The film has good buzz with promotional content. Today the trailer was released at Rain Tree Park Community in Vijayawada, with enthusiastic participation from all the women in the community.

Priyamani, Seerat Kapoor, and Sharanya Pradeep actively engaged in the event, where housewives participated in various games. During conversations with Priyamani, Seerat Kapoor, and Saranya Pradeep, insights into the movie were shared.

The trailer reveals Anupama (Priyamani), a woman trying to participate in a culinary challenge show on her own, finding herself in an unexpected situation. Simultaneously, the Narcotic Department makes efforts to seize drugs, unveiling the intricate plan of the original drug mafia.

The trailer hints at the suspense surrounding Anupama's character and her connection to Seerat Kapoor's pivotal role. With entertainment, thrill and exhilarating action cuts, the trailer raises expectations. The audience are excited to enjoy the delicious heist feast on aha.

Produced by Bapineedu and Sudheer Eedara in association with Dream Farmers and Aha Studios, 'Bhamakalapam 2' features Priyamani, Seerat Kapoor, Sharanya, Raghu Mukherjee, Brahmaji, and others in key roles. Directed by Abhimanyu Tadimeti, the movie promises to follow the success of its predecessor, 'Bhamakalapam,' which garnered significant attention on OTT platforms.

The teaser, song "Swapna Sundari," and the recently released trailer have heightened anticipation for the streaming of 'Bhamakalapam 2' on Aha on February 16.

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