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‘Dachanna Darilo Thyagala Paata’ Launched Grandly In Prasad Lab

‘Dachanna Darilo Thyagala Paata’ Launched Grandly In Prasad Lab

On the occasion of 10 years of achieving Telangana state, Nernala Creations is coming up with ‘Dachanna Darilo Thyagala Paata’ which was launched grandly in Prasad Lab. This song was shot to commemorate the sacrifices of the martyrs who breathed life into the Telangana movement and laid down their lives for the separate state. It was conceptualized, written, sung, and directed by popular folk singer Nernala Kishore. This song was shot at the famous Kothagattu and Molangur hillocks of Karimnagar district with more than 200 artists acting in it.

The motivations of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the Telangana state were shown heart touchingly. A.D.M.S. Shivaji impressed in the special role of Legendary poet and singer Gaddar. He said that this song is being dedicated to the families of Telangana martyrs. Nernala Kishore asked everyone to cherish this song which was released by the families of Telangana martyrs.

MLC Mahesh Kumar Goud, Professors Haragopal, Kodandaram, Senior Journalist Pasham Yadagiri, High Court Advocate Gopal Sharma, Film Directors N Shankar, Hero Sanjosh, Arunodaya Vimalakka, Vimala Gaddar (Vennela) participated as guests in the song launch event. This song was choreographed by D.O.P Shantiraj.




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