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Nikhil Siddhartha releases Trailer for 'Masthu Shades Unnay Ra'

Nikhil Siddhartha releases Trailer for 'Masthu Shades Unnay Ra'

Actor Abhinav Gomatam is known for a comedy style of his own, thanks to the cult film 'Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi' and the coming-of-age rom-com 'Meeku Maatrame Chepta'. He is currently the lead actor in 'Masthu Shades Unnay Ra', a rom-com set to hit the screens on February 23. The film's trailer launch event was held today.

Speaking on the occasion, Nikhil Siddhartha said that Abhinav created an impact with 'Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi'. "He is a person with many shades. With his mere presence, he can make everyone on set laugh. I like him very much as a friend. This film was shown to some people recently. I learned that they responded very positively. I came to this event after knowing their review. I think that the film will get a good response from the audience as well. If you all watch the movie, you will know why I came to this event. I hope that the film will give a good start to Abhinav Gomatham as a hero and that the film becomes a big hit."

Abhinav Gomatham said that he was stressed out when it was the trailer launch event of his own film. "This is a special moment in my life. Thanks to the director of this film, Thirupathi Rao, for giving me this opportunity. All the characters in this movie are very natural. I got many offers as a hero before. But I chose this movie waiting for a suitable story. Pan-Indian star Nikhil is my best friend. Nikhil called me after seeing my role in the film 'Ee Nagariki Emaindi' and offered me a part in his film. I acted with Nikhil in the movie 'Spy'. Nikhil became close to me during the shooting of that film. He is happy to release the trailer of this film. We are sure that everyone will like this movie. Please watch our movie with families in theatres on February 23," he added.

Director Thirupati Rao said that the main reason why he had become a director was because of producer Kasula Bhavani. "If the content of a small film is good, the audience will love it. I believe that the audience will love this film in that context. I worked as a set assistant for 'Surya Vs Surya' starring Nikhil," he added.

Producer Kasula Bhavani said that it is a pleasure to have hero Nikhil as a guest for this ceremony. "I became a producer with an ad agency background. With that experience, we entered the field of film production. We produced this movie with the help of Ram Mohan Reddy. There are many experiences in our journey. Abhinav Gomatham was the first actor we thought of casting for the lead role. This is a movie that everyone should watch with family. There is a belief that the film will be popular among all sections," she added.




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