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Eric Adams & Diip Chauhan Celebrated Pohela Baisakh & Bangladeshi New Year in NY City

Eric Adams & Diip Chauhan Celebrated Pohela Baisakh & Bangladeshi New Year in NY City

The April 15th Pohela Baisakh and Bengali New Year event was celebrated at the Diversity Square in Jackson Heights. More than 150 artists performed the traditional ‘shatkantha’ at Times Square early in the morning for the ‘Mangal Shobhajatra’, with their voices in perfect harmony as a chorus, with Mahitosh Talukder Tapas conducting the entire group.

“This community is made of those who believe in the power of faith,” said NYC Mayor Eric Adams throwing open the Bengali New Year celebrations in Jackson Heights on April 15, 2023. He said his administration and the government were continuously looking at ways to assure that businesses are supported, that the city is safe, and that an environment is created to raise healthy children and families.

“And we must do that together. We cannot do that if we are divided. And your faith says that we are supposed to have that on the forefront,” said Adams. “Let us make sure that we are not only devoted worshippers, but we are practitioners,” Adams said. “It means that we must be there for our seniors and older adults during their time of need,” he said. Adams encouraged people to go out and meet people in the streets after worshipping. That would bring an understanding of people’s problems and needs and bring ideas of how to help people with mental and physical health issues, he said.

The celebrations at the Diversity Square in Jackson Heights, with NYC Mayor Eric Adams inaugurating the March procession. Adams was accompanied by Deputy Commissioner Dilip Chauhan from his Office of International Affairs.  Speaking on the occasion, Chauhan said that Adams had always held the Bangladeshi community in high regard, and that he had delivered the promises he had made to bring more notice to the community, of celebrating the Bangladesh Heritage Month at his residence, of hoisting the Bangladesh flag, and of holding the new year celebrations.

It was quite a sight to see ladies in white sarees with red borders that the women wore, while men were in the traditional long ‘kurta’ and pants. The participants who were specially flown in to perform included dancer Laila Hasan and Rabindra Sangeet singer Rezwana Chowdhury Bonya from Bangladesh, and singer Rathindranath Roy. Chowdhury Banya said the Bengali immigrants had created history by participating in the event in spite of their busy and tough lives. Chowdhury Banya said he wished to see such celebrations in other countries in the world.

Biswajit Saha Organizer of the event said more than 12000 People Participated this magnificant event.


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