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"Love Guru" is a Fantastic Family Entertainer - Hero Vijay Antony

"Love Guru" is a Fantastic Family Entertainer - Hero Vijay Antony

Vijay Antony has distinguished himself as a hero in the South film industry by creating films with innovative concepts. This talented actor is introducing every movie he stars in to the Telugu audience. Vijay Antony's latest movie is "Love Guru". This marks his first foray into the romantic entertainer genre. Mrinalini Ravi is playing the heroine in the movie "Love Guru". The film is produced by Vijay Antony under the banner of Vijay Antony Film Corporation and Meera Vijay Antony. Directed by Vinayak Vaidyanathan, the movie "Love Guru" is set to be released on the 11th of this month during the festival of Ramzan by Mythri Movie Distribution. In this context, Vijay Antony outlined the highlights of the movie in an interview.

- I don't think much about the future in my personal life or career. I prefer to stay in the present. If we focus solely on one, we may be disappointed by the other. The Universe takes care of what we want and what we give. I think the same applies to this movie. I loved the story. We've created a film. When I heard the story of Love Guru, I believed in the success of this film. I conveyed the same sentiment to director Vinayak. I have had successful films in my career. There is hope that this movie will also be successful. Cinema is like a child. We have to do everything for that child. Our team also tried to provide a good movie to the audience.

- "Love Guru" is a fantastic family comedy. You will surely enjoy watching this movie with your family. After watching the movie, you will know how to love your life partner. Love is not a transaction; one gives something in return. Love is when we love even if we don't love ourselves. "Love Guru" has an emotional flashback. Can't reveal it then. See it on the screen. The director prepared this story with the experiences he saw in his life. That story impressed me.

- The title of the movie is "Love Guru," which suggests that the entire film revolves around the theme of love. Watching this movie will teach you how to love. The hero marries the heroine, who initially doesn't realize that she doesn't love him. After some time, it becomes evident that she doesn't have feelings for him. However, the hero remains hopeful that if he waits a little longer, she will come to love him. Unfortunately, she never develops feelings for him. What the hero does next, and how their relationship unfolds, forms an interesting storyline in Love Guru.

- If we love ourselves, we will love others. Loving our fellow man will ultimately benefit us. Our body protects us by providing many enzymes and vitamins. The way the body reacts is beneficial when we have a positive attitude. That's why we should try to be positive even with negative people. Even if someone cheats you, you will eventually realize the mistake. The hero character also shares love in this story. He loves them even if they hate him.

- The dialogues in this movie are very natural. Director Vinayak has written them naturally, capturing the way husbands and wives talk. However, in my view, the meaning of the words is more important than the words themselves. The dialogues convey the essence of the scene perfectly in Love Guru.

- We are happy to release the movie 'Love Guru' through Mythri Movie Distribution. I always look forward to being associated with this organization. Our banner, Mythri Movie Makers, is driven by a passion for cinema. I make movies in Tamil. I had trouble finding the right people for the release here. Our relationship with Mythri Distribution will continue from now on.

- I have low memory power. I could not learn the Telugu language. If I had learned Telugu, I would have directly made films in Telugu. If there is such an opportunity, I will leave Chennai and make films here. If I make a film, I have enough time for production, editing, acting, and promotion in all languages for that film. No matter how great a movie I did in the future, it would not be a movie better than Bicchagadu. But Love Guru also gives me a special place in the hearts of the audience. It has a ladies' sentiment.

- In the summer of 2026, we will bring the movie "Bicchagadu 3" to the audience. Currently, I am working on the script for this project. "Bichagadu 3" will be the biggest movie of my career, and I want to direct it myself. Currently, our production has three films in the line-up. We are going to release one in October, another for Sankranti, and the third next summer. If you look at the movie "Bichagadu" at least 80 percent of the emotion is in its story, according to Love Guru.



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