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'Line Man' will always hold a special place for me as an actor: Hero Thrigun

'Line Man' will always hold a special place for me as an actor: Hero Thrigun

Hero Thrigun has carved out a unique niche for himself by taking on diverse roles in the Telugu and Tamil film industries. Now, he's poised to make a debut in Kannada cinema with 'Line Man'. Notably, this film, directed by V. Raghu Shastry, is all set for release in both Kannada and Telugu languages tomorrow. Produced under the prestigious banner of Purple Rock Entertainers, the film sees collaboration with co-producers Prachura.P, Kadri Manikant, Jyoti Raghushastri, and Bhala Studio. 'Line Man' is scheduled to hit theaters in both Telugu and Kannada on March 22. On this occasion, Trigun interacted with the media about the film.

- Among the stories offered to me for 'Line Man', and two others, 'Line Man' resonated with me the most. It's a fun entertainer that also delivers a meaningful message, particularly because it speaks about our connection to nature, which is why I chose this story.

- Having acted in 23 films, 'Line Man' will always be remembered as a standout project for me. I feel proud to have been part of this film, which explores the uncharted story of a line man, sparking interest across audiences.

- In today's world, even an hour without electricity feels like a major inconvenience. This film explores the chaos of a village going ten days without power, focusing on the reason behind the line man's decision to cut off the electricity, and includes a touching moment that adds depth to the narrative.

- Director Raghu Shastry's prowess as a writer was a significant factor in my decision to join 'Line Man'. His direction made the film feel authentic, as if the conversations were happening in our own village.

- Initially intended to be a Kannada release, the producers decided to also launch 'Line Man' in Telugu, recognizing my standing in the industry, and tailored the production accordingly. The film is a mix of comedy, a sweet love story, and a heartfelt message.

- It's been fifteen years since I began my journey in acting, and I approach each project with the enthusiasm of a newcomer. This mindset of exploring new narratives has made my journey unforgettable. My focus isn't on commercial success but on ensuring that each project is profitable for the producer.

- I am open to acting in both movies and web series. Having already participated in two web series, including '11 o'clock', I'm currently involved in another. With 'Line Man' being one of several projects set for release this year, I'm excited about what's next, and details will be shared soon.



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