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I will quit the industry if Satish can prove the allegations: Jani Master at Sensational Press Meet

I will quit the industry if Satish can prove the allegations: Jani Master at Sensational Press Meet

As a choreographer, Jani Master's career advanced to the Pan-India level in recent years. He has choreographed songs in Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi films. Additionally, as the president of the Telugu Film and TV Dancers and Dance Directors Association (TFTDDA), he is involved in the growth and advancement of dancers. However, recently, a dancer named Satish filed a complaint against Jani Master at a police station and released a video with numerous baseless allegations. Jani Master stated that he would leave the industry if the allegations were proven true. A press conference was held today with the association members to address the dispute.

President of the Telugu Film and TV Dancers and Dance Directors Association (TFTDDA), Jani Master, said, "Here I am speaking as the president of this association and not as a person related to any party or region. We have acquired land for our union, costing Rs 5 Cr, which is currently held up. They chose me believing that I would negotiate with influential people and secure health insurance for the members. It has been six months since I became President. After that, there was an election code in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, and Ramzan occurred during that period. I participated in the AP elections to show my gratitude. I also discussed with Ram Charan garu and Upasana garu to sort the Health Insurance that's been expected. Regarding issue with Satish, everything Ayesha said is true. As per the rules and discussion with the committee and choreographers, a fine of one lakh rupees was imposed. I have been providing financial assistance to anyone in our association who was in trouble. If Satish had written a letter admitting his mistake, they would have forgiven it considering it as a first offense and let it go without imposing a fine. Instead he went all rogue and used words that are unacceptable. Some people were threatened too and so I wanted to address this. Hence, I called this press conference. Satish released a video with baseless statements. If even one of the allegations is true, I will leave the industry."

General Secretary Srinu Devara said, "We are an association with a history of 33 years. We have rules, regulations, and bylaws. The bylaws specify what to do if any member of the organization commits wrongdoing. One of our members, Satish, went against the rules and spoke rudely against the President using cuss words. He filed a police complaint, something that had never happened before. We speak to the office bearers and find a way to solve problems, if any. That is our union's practice. No one had filed a complaint against this before. Satish violated many such rules that includes using foul language. Later, when he was called to the committee, he admitted that he had made a mistake. Those who commit such acts are fined and required to work again. But he did not agree to that. The bylaws passed by the Jani Master Committee did not make any changes. We are following what was in place before that."

Jani Master's wife, member of the association Ayesha Master said, "As per the association practice someone should reveal the amendments only after displaying it on the notice board of the office. But he leaked it through his WhatsApp status, breaking the norm. When Jani Master got committee members to Undo it by deleting Satish's status, he resorted to verbal abuse. It is not right for a choreographer to insult the president of the active union. A committee meeting was held the next day. Satish admitted that he was wrong but refused to pay the fine. Instead he started bringing non-union members in the shoot and Jani master informed the same to concerned movie departments to stop that practice. For that and , the others mentioned above, this man seems to keep a grudge on him and hell-bent on ruining Jani's name and fame. Just because of standing for the people of union, Jani master had to be on remand for 14 days leaving me and our family trembling in fear. He was always present for the union and its members. Satish is making false allegations against the person who fed the needy. Satish and his partner are making calls  to association members paying them to speak against Jani. We support talent here and made no discrimination here on a religion, caste or regional basis. This meet is to let you all know the facts inside and request y'all to verify before publishing or promoting anything."

TFTDDA founder Somaraju said, "When we came from Chennai, we established this association with just a few people. Some of its members have reached the pan-India level. We follow strict discipline in our committee. But, people like Satish are behaving beyond it bringing bad name to the entire association. Jani Master is here to do something for this association as president. We are confident that he will develop it with honesty and humbleness."

TFTDDA founder L Venkateswara Rao said, "For 33 years, we've got work for Telugu native dancers requesting film producers. Some of our members are doing pan-Indian movies now yet they follow our norms. Jani Master is committed to develop this community as a president and we believe in his vision for the betterment of our members."



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