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I got Arya Vibes when I heard the story of 'Love Me': Dil Raju at the title launch event

I got Arya Vibes when I heard the story of 'Love Me': Dil Raju at the title launch event

Starring young hero Ashish and gorgeous Vaishnavi Chaitanya, the film is presented by Shirish and produced by Harshith Reddy, Hansitha, and Naga Mallidi under the banner of Dil Raju Productions. Directed by Arun Bhimavarapu, the title announcement press meet for this film was held today. The movie has been titled 'Love Me', with 'If You Dare' as tag line. After announcing the title, the film unit interacted with the media.

Ace producer Dil Raju said, "Ashish is currently in Tirumala, which is why he couldn't be here today. Naga and Arun are the reasons why 'Love Me - If You Dare' project started. Naga has been familiar to me since long time. He told me to listen to the script, saying it was made with his friend. Then I met Arun. The moment I heard that script, I was transported back twenty years. How I got excited when I heard Arya's story, I got excited again. This is a new-age film. Ashish was asked to be the hero. They won me over by telling the story. We started Dil Raju Productions to support the newcomers. We have told this story to many people. Everyone was excited. After the script was completed, I was afraid to tell the names of the technicians. I asked PC Sreeram to listen to the script. He read the script and immediately said ok. In the case of music, they wanted Keeravaani. We approached Keeravaani garu and heard the script and immediately said ok. 'Baby' was a big hit at a time when heroines were being sought. She came to the office, read the script completely, and got fully excited. Rarely do we see a script like this excite to this extent. I am confident that the movie will receive a good response from the audience. The title was announced on February 27. We are going to release the movie on April 27. After 'Balagam', Harshith and Hansitha had to do another project, and this movie came along. Ashish also wants to do another project and this project is ready. What happened to me with 'Arya'. I'm getting vibes that the same is going to happen to all of you. All the best to the film team."

Vaishnavi Chaitanya said, "I still get those vibes ever since I heard the story of 'Love Me - If You Dare'. The same excitement is still there. This movie is very special to me. It has a point and story never seen before. The teaser will be released soon. The teaser gives a different vibe to everyone. When they come out of the theater, they come out with a different experience."



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