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Chaari 111 Theme Song: This Stylish and Vibrant Song Is An Instant Hit 

Chaari 111 Theme Song: This Stylish and Vibrant Song Is An Instant Hit 

Vennela Kishore, who is one of the renowned comedians in the Telugu cinema space is coming up as a male lead with his upcoming theatrical,
Chaari 111. The theme song of the film was unveiled by the makers a little while back and it is an instant hit. The song speaks about the Operation Rudranethra which is the focal point of the film and it has witty lyrics penned by Saraswati Putra Ramajogayya Sastry. Simon K King's composition is of elite quality as well.

The lyrical video is out and the visual presentation is such that the visuals are straight of a big film with a huge production canvas. This needs to be attributed to the exquisite production values. The stylish visuals add to the aesthetic value. Chaari111 is already throwing a big film vibes with the kind of visual presentation it is boasting of. Adding to that, Vennela Kishore playing a never before kind of role is the mainstay.

On the occasion, the producer Aditi Soni and director TG Keerthi Kumar stated "We have only one song in the film and that is the theme song. This song will be playing during the opening titles and the score will be used for the background music through the course of the film. The trailer got a thumping response already and we can't wait to bring our film to the audience."




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