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Allu Sirish's "Buddy" had a grand Trailer launch, Set for a Theatrical Release on July 26

Allu Sirish's "Buddy" had a grand Trailer launch, Set for a Theatrical Release on July 26

Allu Sirish's latest movie, "Buddy," features Gayatri Bharadwaj and Prisha Rajesh Singh as the lead heroines. The film is produced by KE Gnanavel Raja and Adhana Gnanavel Raja under the Green Films banner and is directed by Sam Anton, with Neha Gnanavel Raja as the co-producer. "Buddy" is a youthful love entertainer gearing up for a grand theatrical release on July 26. The movie's trailer was released today in Hyderabad.

Editor Ruben said, "Working on the movie 'Buddy' was challenging. Director Sam and I discussed the editing every day. This movie is different from the usual fare. It has a great cast, and Buddy is an interesting character in the film. Congratulations to producer Gnanavel for making such a unique movie. Our film will not disappoint you. Be sure to watch it in theaters."

Writer Sai Hemanth commented, "As a child, I used to watch movies like 'Yamudu' and 'Naa Peru Shiva,' proudly presented by KE Gnanavel Raja. Today, I am proud to be the writer for a film he produced in Telugu. This movie has many memorable dialogues. Every line Buddy delivers is like a punch. I hope Sam garu will work on more Telugu movies in the future. I refer to Sirish as the captain, and I can confidently say that 'Buddy' is the best movie of his career to date."

Producer KE Gnanavel Raja said, "I will miss my media friends in Hyderabad, the Telugu audience, and the great food here. You all have supported our Studio Green organization for many years and continue to support our films. Adhya, who is hosting our program today, is the daughter of Shreyas Srinivas, and she is doing an excellent job. She wants to surpass Suma in the number of events hosted. Geetha Arts and Studio Green remade the movie 'Premakatha Chitram' in Tamil under Sam Anton's direction, where we introduced GV Prakash as a hero. That film, released during Sankranti, was a big hit in Tamil. Now, we are presenting 'Buddy.' Ali and Ajmal have provided great support in this film. Sam is delivering another good movie for our company with 'Buddy.' I trusted Sam more than the story itself. Editor Ruben and Cinematographer Krishnan Vasanth, who worked on the remake of 'Prema katha Chitram,' are once again collaborating with us. Ruben also worked on the movies 'Pushpa' and 'Jawaan.' Hip Hop tamizha is the backbone of our Tamil 'Buddy' movie, providing superb music, though he couldn't attend today's program. Fight master Shakti Saravanan created impressive action sequences. Harihara Sutan, who worked on the VFX for 'Kanguva,' also worked on 'Buddy,' ensuring the visual effects are natural. This film will be significant for heroines Gayatri and Prisha in their careers. Allu Sirish is like a family member to us, with his favorite hero being Surya. Sirish has supported us through good and bad times, and I thank him. I showed footage of 'Buddy' to some people, and they said Sirish looked great and acted well in the film.  Madhura Sridhar has been with us since the time of our movie 'Awara,' releasing songs under Madhura audio. Since then, he has continuously supported us, and I thank him. We are doing a grand theatrical release of 'Buddy' on July 26. We hope you all support our film and make it a blockbuster."

Producer Madhura Sridhar Reddy said, "My friend Gnanavel Raja has brought many Tamil films to Telugu and found success. He is excited to produce a straight Telugu film with 'Buddy.' Allu Sirish always strives to bring new types of content to the audience. We made the movie 'ABCD' with him. Gnanavel Raja and Sirish are happy to work together on 'Buddy.' Our Telugu audience welcomes new-style films by giving them big openings, and I hope 'Buddy' will receive that support on July 26. Director Sam's work is excellent, and he collaborates well with the team. I hope he continues to make more Telugu movies. All the best to the team."

Cinematographer Krishnan Vasanth said, "I am happy to release the trailer of the 'Buddy' movie in front of you all. Working on this film gave us a new experience. 'Buddy' is an action-adventure movie, and we captured the visuals with the character of Buddy in mind. If visual effects are a priority, this is the film. 'Buddy' offers a new experience for the audience."

Heroine Gayatri Bharadwaj said, "I believed this would be a special film from the moment director Sam told me the story of 'Buddy.' This story will reach a wide audience. Director Sam and writer Hemant made the script even more interesting. It will be enjoyed by kids, adults, and family audiences alike. Allu Sirish is a great co-star, and I learned a lot about acting from him. Watch 'Buddy' in theaters and enjoy."
Heroine Prisha Rajesh Singh said, "I feel lucky to have the opportunity to debut as a heroine in a big production like Studio Green. Thanks to director Sam Anton for giving me this chance. Sirish is a wonderful co-star, and it was a pleasure working with him. Sirish plays Captain Adityaram in the movie, and I find Adityaram cuter than Sirish. Everyone will enjoy 'Buddy.' Watch it in theaters and share your thoughts."
Actor Ajmal said, "I have already done a film with Studio Green, but I couldn't complete that project due to unavoidable reasons. I was happy when Gnanavel garu called me for this movie. I'm tired of playing villain roles and hoped for something different in this film. I loved every dialogue written by director Sam. The script narrated by Sai Hemant gave me goosebumps, and I immediately agreed to do the movie. Gayathri and Prisha are excellent actresses. There are fight sequences with Allu Sirish, and during those scenes, I felt like Tom Cruise was standing in front of me. I admired how Sirish transformed himself for this character. You all will love 'Buddy' in theaters on July 26."

Actor Ali said, "When director Sam called me about this movie, I initially thought it was a Tamil film. Sirish mentioned he was the hero. Buddy is very special in this movie. The director has done an exceptional job portraying the Buddy character. They used to film a person as tall as Buddy. When we went to Thailand for shooting, Japanese and Chinese people would take photos with their 'Buddy.' If this movie is released in Japan and China, it will be successful there as well. I hope 'Buddy' earns good money and is successful enough to get a sequel."

Director Sam Anton said, "I made my first movie, 'Darling,' under Gnanavel Raja's production. From that first film, Gnanavel Raja had faith in me. When we discussed this film, I wasn't even asked for the script. This movie was given to me based on trust. After the CGI work, they watched the final version of the movie and liked it. Besides Gnanavel, another person who trusted me was Sirish. He supported the ideas I presented. I'm a fan of director Rajamouli, and his movie 'Eega' inspired 'Buddy.' While working on the CGI for 'Buddy,' I made suggestions comparing it to 'Eega.' Thanks to Ajmal, Ali, the heroines, and the rest of the cast and crew who worked on 'Buddy.' We hope you support our movie."

Hero Allu Sirish said, "When the poster for 'Buddy' was released last year, people asked if I was doing a remake of the film. They mentioned a similar movie on OTT. Despite my explanations, I left them to their assumptions. I also had some doubts about 'Buddy.' An adventure action movie with a teddy bear—how would the audience receive it? But today, after watching the trailer, I gained a lot of confidence. Our audience always embraces new kinds of movies. This is not a regular type of movie; it will be fresh and different. I thought Sam's movie '100' was excellent and was impressed by Sam's 'Trigger' trailer. I called Sam and said if he had a good script, to let me know, and we would make a film together. Our collaboration on 'Buddy' is now complete. The hero of this movie is not me, but the teddy bear. I made this film to highlight that character, not to showcase my heroism. Thanks to Gnanavel. Even my father didn't produce a film by spending so much on me. Gnanavel made a big action-adventure movie with me at a huge cost. I won't talk about 'Pushpa 2' now. Talking about it creates more hype. Watch the teaser and trailer and decide for yourself."




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