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********Special Message For India********

This website is owned by Sp@rK CoD3R, We have some questions,As the whole world know that Kashmir is the Muslims state, and the people want to be the part of Pakistan
And you bullshit Indians, are the corrupted Nation which the world never seen,We want freedom for Kashmir, Free Kashmir .. Freedom is our goal.. , " India means the territory of India excluding the State of Jammu and Kashmir." , This institutionalized impunity with which the killings of civilians by military and police forces in Jammu and Kashmir continues should be a source of shame for India which propagates to be a democracy! Kashmir does not want militarized governance - STOP killing children, raping women and imprisoning the men! , They just want freedom! Freedom from the evil of the Indian Military! , Ghandi said - Freedom is never dear at any price. It is the breath of life. What would a man not pay for living? , Everyday 100s of innocent people are abused, raped and even killed in Kashmir by the Indian army, a third of the deaths are children, , - we don't want war, take back your men, your guns and go back to where you came from , All we ask is for freedom, you can kill us but you cant kill us all, we shall not give up, Giving up is not an option! .

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