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"Satyabhama" Will Impress the Audience with Emotion and Action - Director Suman Chikkala

"Satyabhama" Will Impress the Audience with Emotion and Action - Director Suman Chikkala

'Queen of Masses' Kajal Aggarwal is playing the lead role in the movie "Satyabhama". Naveen Chandra plays the pivotal role of Amarender. This film is produced by Bobby Thikka and Srinivasa Rao Takkalapalli under the banner of Aurum Arts. "Major" film director Sashikiran Tikka acted as presenter and provided the screenplay. The crime thriller is directed by Suman Chikkala. The movie "Satyabhama" is set for a grand theatrical release on the 7th of this month. In an interview today, director Suman Chikkala explained the highlights of the movie.

"I have a passion for movies and an interest in writing. While working a software job, I sought opportunities in the film industry. I participated in story discussions for some hit movies. Sashikiran is my best friend, and I have done script work for his films. When I thought of the 'Satyabhama' concept, our friends Ramesh and Prashanth in the US heard this line and developed it further. After that, Shashi and I also refined the script. Sashi entrusted me with the responsibility of directing this film, marking my directorial debut in Tollywood. Shashi worked hard to become a director and founded Aurum Arts to start the journey of young talent from his success. His idea is to give opportunities to new talents. I became a director because of Sashi."

"Satyabhama's story encompasses both emotion and action. While writing this story, I didn't consider whether it was for a hero or a heroine; we wrote it for a person. Since the girl is the victim in the story, I thought it would be more impactful if it were a female lead. We believe that both emotion and action can resonate with the audience. Kajal Aggarwal immediately agreed to the role after hearing the story. She worked hard for the action sequences, performing stunts without a double. We were all concerned about the possibility of injuries disrupting the shoot, but she bravely performed all the stunts."

"Naveen Chandra plays a key role in 'Satyabhama' as Kajal's partner. He portrays a writer who supports Kajal's character. Kajal quickly became a part of our team, involving herself in every aspect of the shoot. We never felt like we were working with a star. The AP has the Disha app, and Telangana has the She Safe app. If women face danger, they can send their location to She Teams through these apps, which will come to their aid. We tested these apps while on set, and the She Teams responded. If our movie helps any woman become aware of these apps and use them in real life, it will have conveyed a valuable message."

"'Satyabhama' is purely fictional. I read police diaries and listened to their interviews, drawing inspiration from real-life incidents. Initially, our movie didn't have this name, but 'Satyabhama' is a powerful name in our mythology, so we chose it for its instant recognition. We want all the movies released this week to do well. If these films succeed, audiences will get used to coming to theaters. The movie will hit theaters next week, and Sricharan Pakala's music will be a major attraction. He elevated the film with his background score."

"'Satyabhama' could be released pan-India, but it is a purely Hyderabad-based story, a native cinema. Hence, it is appropriate to release it in Telugu. It will be available on OTT platforms in all languages. I have previously worked on Pawan Kalyan's 'Panjaa'. Digital technology wasn't prevalent then, but now we watch global content on OTTs. The increasing influence of OTT has made our audience appreciate fresh content. This trend gives our writers and directors opportunities to create such movies. I have a few stories lined up and will announce my next movie soon."



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