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Producer, Director Prandeep Thakore: "Rakshana" is a realistic investigative thriller

Producer, Director Prandeep Thakore: "Rakshana" is a realistic investigative thriller

"Rakshana," directed by Pranadeep Thakore under the banner of Haripriya Creations, is set to release on June 7. This investigative thriller stars Payal Rajput in the lead role and has already impressed audiences with its teaser and trailers.Ahead of the film release, the film's producer, director Prandeep Thakore interacted with the scribes and shared the evolution of "Rakshana".

Tell us more about Rakshana

The title "Rakshana" signifies protection and defense, reflecting the film's theme of fighting for victims and protecting them. Initially, "Rakshak" was considered, but it was associated with Telangana Police vehicles. The final title, "Rakshana," aptly fits the film's realistic approach.

What is Rakshana all about?

The movie is a fictional story inspired by an incident in the life of a police officer and carries a meaningful message without being preachy.

How did you zero in actors for the particular roles?

No specific actor was in mind during the story writing. The need was for someone with a physique suitable for a police officer role. After seeing Payal Rajput in "RX 100," the team believed she would be perfect for the role. She was approached, loved the story, and thus the movie began.

How did the shooting take place and the experience with Payal Rajput who played the lead role?

The film's shooting spanned 57 days, with Payal Rajput's scenes taking up 47 days.Payal Rajput's performance promises to be a revelation, showcasing her range and versatility as an actress.

How it will transform Payal Rajput after Rakshana?

Payal Rajput delivers an outstanding performance, and the film is expected to transform her image, paving the way for more powerful roles in the future

Tell us about your journey as the director

I  worked as an assistant and co-director on films like "Okkadu," "Sainikudu," and "Rudhramadevi" by Gunasekhar, as well as "Oye!" by Anand Ranga and "Orange" by Bommarillu Bhaskar. Despite facing challenges in finding a producer, I decided to make a small film independently.

What challenges you faced while marketing the film?

While the creative aspect of filmmaking is covered, releasing a movie poses significant marketing challenges. Me being less adept in marketing but remained hopeful due to the positive response from distributors.

What about the film's OTT deals?

The film is scheduled for a significant release. OTT and satellite rights are still pending, and the team encourages audiences to watch the film in theaters if they enjoyed the trailers and teasers.

Tell us what Rakshana offers to movie lovers and how you will invite viewers to your film

"Rakshana" promises to be a gripping and realistic investigative thriller, offering audiences a fresh perspective on Payal Rajput's acting prowess.



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