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'Nindha' will be a movie that everyone will like: Director and Producer Rajesh Jagannatham

'Nindha' will be a movie that everyone will like: Director and Producer Rajesh Jagannatham

Varun Sandesh's movie 'Nindha' is set to release in theatres on June 21st. Produced and directed by Rajesh Jagannatham under the banner of The Fervent Indie Productions, the film is based on real events and carries the caption 'Kandrakota Mystery.' The prestigious Mythri Movies is distributing the film in Nizam. In a recent media interaction, Rajesh Jagannatham shared some special features of the film.

Tell us about your background and film journey?

I'm from Narsapuram. I went to Nellore, Chennai, and the USA for my studies and eventually remained employed in the USA. I have always been passionate about filmmaking and took courses in it. I made several short films, one of which received an award.

Why did you tell Varun Sandesh the story of 'Nindha'?

I believed that this character was perfect for Varun Sandesh. I thought it would be a great comeback for him, so I told him the story. Varun Sandesh liked it, and that's how the film moved forward.

How much of the movie is based on truth and how much is fiction?

When the poster was released with the 'Kandrakota Mystery' caption, everyone assumed it was a ghost movie. I thought it would work as promotion. With the release of the teaser, everyone got clarity about the story. I wrote some scenes based on real incidents, but there is also fiction.

Why did you become a producer?

I believe in the story. I tried to find producers but then decided to make the film myself. That's why I became a producer. My father was on the set every day, managing small expenses.

Was it easier being a director or a producer?

I love the creative field and enjoyed being a director. I love making movies, but now I understand that releasing a film is more difficult than making it.

Tell us about the 'Nindha' technical team?

Ramiz, who worked as an assistant to PS Vinod, was the cameraman for this film. Santhu Omkar, who worked for Vishal Chandrasekhar, provided excellent RR and music. The technical team is a major asset to the film and is of a high technical standard.

Tell us about the journey with the artists in 'Nindha'?

Every single character in 'Nindha' is memorable. Varun Sandesh looks very fresh. Like Mime Madhu and Annie, the audience will connect with each character. We found a great team of artists for this movie. With such a phenomenal team, the performances are excellent.

How is 'Nindha' going to be?

After watching Malayalam movies, everyone wonders why such movies don’t come in Telugu. We also make good concept-based films, and 'Nindha' will make you say, "This is a good movie; well done." 'Nindha' will be a movie that everyone will like.

What are your next projects?

I have some scripts ready. But after the release of 'Nindha,' I will see the result and then announce the next movies. From now on, I will mostly focus on film direction.




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