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Love, Mouli’ is not about lust, it is about love: Director Avaneendra

Love, Mouli’ is not about lust, it is about love: Director Avaneendra

New-age film 'Love, Mouli' to hit the screens on June 7

‘Love, Mouli’ is a new-age youthful drama featuring Navdeep in a brand-new get-up. Avaneendra is the director of this novel and diverse film, which is produced by Nyra Creations and Srikara Studios under the banner CSpace. Every update from this film has been innovative and impresses everyone. The film is releasing on June 7 in theatres.

Director Avaneendra has interacted with the media to talk about the major highlights in the movie:

The other day, the film was screened for a select group of audience in Vizag. How was the response? "The response was tremendous. Kanchi garu, who is related to MM Keeravani garu, is always frank with sharing his feedback. He liked our movie. Everyone who watched the movie loved it," the director says.

Avaneendra says that the film has something for everyone. "You will find all sorts of elements. Some will find the locations fascinating. Some will love the heroine's characterization. So on and so forth. I am sure that the female audience will connect with the film more than men," he adds.

When Avaneendra conceived 'Love, Mouli', he was working as an associate writer on 'RRR'. "I wanted to debut with a fresh subject. I zeroed in on the core idea of 'Love, Mouli' and worked on it," the director reveals.

The writer-director penned the story of the film in a novel-like format because he didn't know which lead actors he must imagine. "This is such a kind of story. I later thought about a lot of young heroes in Tollywood for this story. Although Navdeep was not actively doing films at that time, I wanted to give it a shot and approached him," he informs.

The film boasts bold dialogues and lip-lock moments. "None of them are there just for the sake of it. They are there because the story needed them. The CBFC told us we will have to go for 20 cuts if we need a U/A certificate. We were not ready as that would have compromised the story. So, we went in for the 'A' certificate. Govind Vasanth's music carries the flavour of the story forward the way it did in the case of his Tamil movie '96'," Avaneendra adds.

The word 'Mouli' in the title has a context. "The very name 'Mouli' has a serene, calm connotation pertaining to Lord Shiva. You will understand the context of the title once you watch the movie. This is the kind of a story that won't need any changes even 20 years later," he says.

What is up next? "I will next try doing an 'RRR'-type movie. There is scope to do a sequel to that movie. It is up to Rajamouli garu whether he wants to do its sequel. During the making of 'RRR', Rajamouli garu sought the opinion of team members about what kind of a movie he should do with Mahesh Babu garu. We suggested an adventure film," Avaneendra reveals.



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