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Trailer of Satyabhama starring Queen of Masses Kajal Aggarwal

Trailer of Satyabhama starring Queen of Masses Kajal Aggarwal

'Queen of Masses' Kajal Aggarwal is playing the lead role in the movie "Satyabhama". Naveen Chandra plays the pivotal role of Amarender. This film is produced by Bobby Tikka and Srinivasa Rao Takkalapalli under the banner of Aurum Arts. "Major" film director Sasikiran Thikka acted as presenter and presented the screenplay. A crime thriller directed by Suman Chikkala. The movie "Satyabhama" is coming for a grand theatrical release on June 7. Today, Natasimham Balakrishna held a grand trailer release event in Hyderabad. In this program:

Editor Pawan Kalyan said - “Satyabhama” is a multifold crime thriller movie. Along with editing this film, I acted as an assistant to Kajal Aggarwal. Suman Chikkala is fulfilling his dream of becoming a director with this movie. This team is like a family to me. We wish to give "Satyabhama" big success to our family members.

Lyricist Rambabu Gosala said - Thanks to Balakrishna garu and Anil Ravipudi garu and other guests who came to our Satyabhama event. Balakrishna's service programs through Basavatarakam Hospital are very inspiring. In the movie Satyabhama, I wrote a song called Kallara Chheale. Sricharan composed it beautifully. Shreya Ghoshal is happy to sing my song. Satyabhama wants the movie to become a big hit.

Music director Sricharan Pakala said - I came to this function as I knew that Balakrishna was coming early. At the beginning of my career, he came as a guest for the audio release of the movie "Guntur Talkies" and blessed me. He completed 40 movies. Then he came to the trailer launch of this movie. I am happy. Thanks to Balakrishna and Anil Ravipudi. I will talk about the film at the pre-release event.

Director Suman Chikkala said - Satyabhama fought for Krishna in the war. This Balakrishna came as a guest for the Satyabhama event today. He has been entertaining us as a hero for decades. He is doing public service as an MLA. Balakrishna is going to enter the Assembly for the third time and I say advance congratulations. Many take legacy as assets. But Balakrishna took charity as a legacy. Basavatharakam hospital is providing medical help to many poor people. I have been struggling for 15 years to become a director. While I was walking hard towards my destination, my friend Sashi brought a vehicle named Aurum Arts and loaded it and took it forward. Saying thank you to Sashi, who not only fulfilled his dream but also fulfilled my dream as a friend, is too small. Kajal was my first hero as a director. She acted in 60 movies. Worked with many legends. However, they gave me a lot of respect. On the one hand, he acted in Satyabhama's movie under my direction while doing Bharateeyudu 2 with Shankar. I learned from Kajal that we should respect everyone, no matter how big we are. I will always remember her as my first hero.

Producers Bobby Tikka and Srinivasa Rao Takkalapalli said - As fans of Balakrishna, he should be in this group. We are speaking from this stage. With his arrival, I am so happy that we have achieved success even before the release. Thanks to Anil Ravipudi, who came to support our movie. Hats off to Kajal Aggarwal for the dedication shown during the shooting of our film. Even though we were all exhausted during filming, day and night did not bother her. Her passion for cinema inspired us. That's why we call Kajal the beauty monster. Sasikiran is not only the presenter of this film but also contributed to the script and supported in every aspect. We look forward to seeing "Satyabhama" in theaters on June 7th and wish it success.

Hero Naveen Chandra said - I am delighted that Balakrishna and Anil Ravipudi are attending the trailer launch of our "Satyabhama". I worked with Balakrishna in Veerasimha Reddy. I was amazed by his energy on set. He is remembered by many generations. Regarding "Satyabhama", one day Sasikiran called and told me about the movie. It was a very good subject, and I liked my character too. I immediately agreed. Kajal Aggarwal impresses with her action scenes in this movie. We have a successful film in hand, and I hope you all enjoy "Satyabhama."

Presenter of the film, screenplay writer Sashikiran Tikka said - I watched the movie "Aditya 369" with my parents at Shanti Theater when I was a child. When I saw my first movie "Goodhachari" as a director in the same theater, it brought back memories of watching "Aditya 369". Being Balakrishna in Tollywood is a privilege for all of us. There is no genre of movie that he does not touch. Today we are delighted that our "Satyabhama" trailer launch is being done by Balakrishna. Anil Ravipudi's energy is remarkable. I saw it during filming. They dance during the shot gaps. Thank you, Anil, for coming to our event. When my friend Ramesh told the story of "Satyabhama", I felt that this story must be shown to the audience. As soon as the script was shared with Kajal, she immediately asked when they would plan the shooting. We were surprised. She also liked the story very much. Naveen Chandra is the backbone of this movie, and you will see it in the film. "Satyabhama" is an emotionally powerful movie with thrilling elements. While thriller films generally proceed from a single perspective, "Satyabhama" has good emotional depth. Thanks to the entire cast and crew who worked on "Satyabhama."

Director Anil Ravipudi said - It is evident that the movie "Satyabhama" trailer has been well-received. This movie is a result of good teamwork. Sasikiran Thikka, Bobby Thikka... Their names have "Tikka" in them, but their films have been a hit. Naveen Chandra is a talented actor, and I hope this movie brings him success. This is Director Suman's first film, and I wish him a bright future with "Satyabhama." Kajal Aggarwal has been a star heroine in the industry for 15 years, which is no small feat. Her second innings started with "Maa Bhagwant Kesari," and I hope it continues for another 15 years. Some police characters suit heroines, and just like Vijayashanthi back then, Kajal's police officer character is well-established. She looks great in uniform too. Kajal has performed action sequences in this movie. Balakrishna campaigned in Hindupur in 45-degree heat. If you call him for shooting, he's always ready. That's his energy. I portrayed Balakrishna as a police officer in "Bhagavanth Kesari," and if I get the chance again, I'll showcase his full energy in another police character. We hope "Satyabhama" becomes a big hit.

Heroine Kajal Aggarwal said - I am delighted that the trailer of the movie "Satyabhama" is being released by Balakrishna. I acted in the movie "Bhagavanth Kesari" at a time when I had entered another phase in life. At that time, I gained a lot of confidence with the support given by Balakrishna. His love is unconditional, and his energy is unmatched. Balakrishna is unstoppable. Anil Ravipudi is my good friend. Sashi came and told the story of "Satyabhama" with his team, and I felt very emotional. I immediately said okay. The belief in this story doubled when we saw glimpses. A talented team worked on our movie. Thanks to my co-star Naveen Chandra. No one else could act better than Naveen Chandra as Amar. I hope to work with Naveen Chandra again. I am happy to work with Prakash Raj once again in "Satyabhama". It is because of Sashi that I became "Satyabhama". The Telugu audience made me a star heroine, and you have been giving me your love and support all these years. Thanks to all of you. I hope you will give your love to "Satyabhama" too.

Natasimham Balakrishna said - I have not seen the camera for 45 days due to the election campaign. Today, at the "Satyabhama" event, I am witnessing all the hustle and bustle that I have missed for so many days. I am happy to be a guest at the trailer launch of "Satyabhama". Congratulations to the film director Suman Chikkala, producers Bobby Thikka and Srinivasa Rao, and presenters Sasikiran Thikka. They have experience in both production and distribution. Together, they established a company called Aurum Arts. I am happy with their filmmaking endeavors. They have all the experiences in the film industry, akin to Ugadi Pachadila. I believe that the super-hit movie "Satyabhama" was made with that experience. There is a vibration in the name "Satyabhama" itself. Satyabhama was with Lord Krishna during Parijatapaharana. Success is guaranteed if she is with him. The name "Satyabhama" symbolizes women empowerment. Regardless of how many wives Lord Krishna had, Satya always stood by him. It is good that women are ahead of men in all fields today. In "Bhagwant Kesari," I played the role of Narada. It gives me satisfaction to play a character that my father did not. The trailer of "Satyabhama" is excellent. Kajal is a firebrand. She is an actress who can portray all kinds of emotions and get into the soul of the characters, impressing everyone. In 16 years, she has portrayed various roles and made a remarkable impact. After marriage and childbirth, many heroines are relegated to supporting characters, but Kajal Aggarwal is the heroine who broke that typecast. Hats off to her energy. Working with her in "Bhagavanth Kesari" was a great experience. Kajal shines in "Bhagavanth Kesari," and in this movie, she stands out. A great team worked on "Satyabhama," and I am confident that this movie will be a success. Watch it in theaters on June 7th.



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