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Bujji And Bhairava Animation Series Trailer Launched

Bujji And Bhairava Animation Series Trailer Launched

Releasing Animated Series Before The Movie Is A Bold Experiment From Vyjayanthi Movies: Nag Ashwin

The 2D animated series Bujji & Bhairava serves as a prelude to the magnum opus, Kalki 2898 AD starring Prabhas. The series is meant to introduce the world of Kalki created by Nag Ashwin, its character, and the backstory of Bujji & Bhairava, before the film’s theatrical release. The series will be premiered on Amazon Prime Video in a few hours. Meanwhile, they came up with the trailer.

In a futuristic world, Bhairava has a plan to purchase a motorbike and become a top bounty hunter. To achieve his goal, he befriends a robot named Bujji. They together recycle all the waste parts of automobiles and build a 6-ton beast of a car to pursue their dream.

The trailer is humorous and also adventurous. The animation work is super impressive. Vyjayanthi Movies collaborated with Green Gold Animation for the series.

While speaking at the special screening of the animation series, director Nag Ashwin said, “I’ve seen cheers for the introductory scenes of Bhairava and Bujji. But I’ve seen more cheers when they unite on a mission. In a few hours, the whole world will be able to see whatever the little glimpse, an entry into the world of Kalki, that we have been working for the past 4 to 5 years.

First of all, it’s a bold and daring thing for our production house to do this experiment, to release an animated series even before the movie. It’s a new genre. Launching an animation series of a movie is something new. When we got this idea 2 years back, we didn’t know how hard this would be. It may look easy. But, animation is a whole different ball game. Full respect for all the animators across the globe.

We worked with Green Gold which made Chota Bheem and a lot of other animation series. Chota Bheem is like a pride of India. It’s from Hyderabad. They agreed to take this on. We asked them for last-minute changes, but they were always cooperative. I just want to thank the whole team. For the first time, we are getting to share something with you from our world. Parallelly, we made a car. We ran three different companies- Vyjayanthi Automobiles, Vyjayanthi Animation, and Vyjayanthi Movies.”

The first episode that was screened for media and kids of their families received a superb response. The series will be available on Prime from 12 AM (May 31st).

The movie Kalki 2898 AD will arrive in theatres on June 27th.




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