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Shreyas Group Enters the Tea Business

Shreyas Group Enters the Tea Business

Shreyas Group, a leading entity in movie events and promotions in India, has ventured into the tea business. The group has acquired a 51% stake in Deccan Chai, which operates 250 stores in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Shreyas Group CMD, Gandhra Srinivas Rao, announced plans to expand Deccan Chai's presence to 1,000 outlets by March 2025 by implementing the best franchise model in the country.

“We will provide bank loans for setting up franchises, offering a 55% return on investment. Locations will be carefully selected based on business viability, and we will provide trained human resources. We will promote new stores for three months and organize grand openings with celebrities. Shreyas Group's strength will support brand expansion,” he explained.

Art of Tea Making

To ensure the highest quality of tea, Shreyas Group will offer comprehensive training programs in the art of tea making. This initiative will not only elevate tea-making standards but also ensure a consistent and exceptional customer experience across all outlets. Moreover, franchisees have the option to hire their own tea master or utilize the tea master provided by Shreyas Group, ensuring flexibility and ease of operation.

Traditional Serving Style

Understanding the cultural preferences of tea consumers, Deccan Chai will serve tea in kaanch (glass) glasses, honoring the traditional practice popular in many states. This touch of tradition is expected to enhance the overall tea-drinking experience for customers.

Expanding Deccan Chai Internationally

In addition to expanding in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Deccan Chai will open new stores in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and Odisha this fiscal year. "We plan to open 250 new outlets by September 2024, reaching 650 by December and 1,000 by March. Currently, each outlet generates an average daily business of ₹10,000. By enhancing our product range and adding new revenue streams, we aim to double this to ₹20,000 per day. We will introduce Hyderabad flavored chai to the world and expand to the UAE and Australia next year,” Srinivas added.

Employment for 2,000 People

Srinivas stated that by March, the group aims to develop 1,000 entrepreneurs. “We will facilitate loans through eligible banks for young entrepreneurs. These outlets will create employment for 2,000 individuals. We will provide seven days of training in tea preparation to young aspirants. Each franchise will require an investment of ₹6,25,000, with raw materials supplied by the company. We will install screens in stores to generate advertising revenue. Depending on the volume of raw materials purchased, we offer up to a 20% discount. We will also provide insurance for the store and the owner, and incentives based on performance. Each tea outlet will be equipped with a camera, and we aim to systematize the tea business at a national level,” he elaborated.

Established in Hyderabad in 2008, Shreyas Group has successfully organized over 2,500 movie, entertainment, and corporate events across India. It has also conducted events in the US and UAE, showcasing the talent of the Telugu community globally. By integrating cinema programs, Shreyas Group has effectively promoted over 150 brands to the masses. Deccan Chai, founded by Gandasiri Veeranna from Warangal district, Telangana, commenced operations in August 2022.



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