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Ravi Teja Mr Bachchan’s Melody duet Song Shoot in Kashmir Valley

Ravi Teja Mr Bachchan’s Melody duet Song Shoot in Kashmir Valley

Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja's highly anticipated film "Mr Bachchan," directed by the Blockbuster Director Harish Shankar, is currently making waves as the team progresses with the song shoot in the picturesque Kashmir Valley. Produced by TG Vishwa Prasad under the banner of People Media Factory, the film is inching closer to completion with 90% of the shoot already wrapped up.

The latest schedule involves filming a beautiful melody duet featuring Ravi Teja and Bhagyashri Borse, choreographed by the renowned Sekhar Master. The song shoot has been ongoing for the past four days, capturing the serene and breathtaking landscapes of Kashmir. Today marks the final day of this song shoot. The choice of location and the genre of the song promise to add a visually stunning and emotionally resonant element to the film.

With 90% of the shoot completed, the team is moving swiftly towards wrapping up the remaining portions of the film. The anticipation for "Mr Bachchan" continues to build, fueled by the successful combination of Ravi Teja, Harish Shankar, and the impressive production team.



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