Uganda and Brazil keen on replicating the fiber grid model\r\n\r\n

WEF to send a team to AP to study Fiber grid and CM’s Dashboard 

During the session today on sustainable development goals, fiber gird and Chief Minister’s Core Dashboard have received appreciation from the World Economic Forum. The sustainable development goals session concentrated on new vision for agriculture, Internet for all and Water conservation.

During the discussion on Internet for all, delegates from countries like Uganda, Brazil, WEF officials said that they are keen to emulate the Andhra Pradesh model of fiber grid.

World Economic Forum said that they want to send a team to Andhra Pradesh to study fibre grid initiative. Besides this they also want to understand the working of CM core dashboard and the measures taken in Andhra Pradesh to manage and conserve water.

Chairman of the Bajaj Group Mr. Rahul Bajaj greeted the Chief Minister at the AP Lounge. Mr. Bajaj congratulated the Chief Minister for representing India and Andhra Pradesh in Davos.  The CM felicitated him with a shawl and a kondapalli bomma memento.

The Chief Minister held a meeting with Mr. Dirk Hoke, CEO Airbus. This is their third meeting. They met last year in Davos and again in Anantapur in the month of August 2016 and now again in the WEF 2017.

The Chief Minister met Mr. Amit Narayana, CEO, AutoGrid system. Mr. Amit Narayana is WEF’s technology Pioneer. Their company is into IoT.

Mr. Amit Narayan discussed the latest technology initiatives and also enquired about the fiber grid initiative.

The Chief Minister invited him to interact with the power department officials and also asked him to guide them on smart metering.

Later, the Chief Minister held a meeting with Ms. Anne Cairns, President, International Markets, MasterCard.

Ms. Anne Cairns said that master card is now simplifying technology to reach all small retailers and consumers.

She assured that she would share all the best practices from around the world in implementing the digital payments system in Andhra Pradesh.  

MasterCard operate in 200 countries.

Chief Minister invited master card to open their technology centre in Vizag Fintech centre to which she responded by saying that she would discuss with the Asia operations head and work out the proposal.

Later the Chief Minister met Mr. Ravi Kumar from Infosys. Mr. Ravi informed the CM that they have plans for expansion in Vizag.

He also met Mr. Vaibhav Lodha, Founder, FtCash. The Chief Minister extended an invitation to Mr. Lodha to visit Andhra Pradesh.

Meeting with Abraz group

The Chief Minister met Mr. Kunal Parekh, Associate Director and Mr. N.Tas Anvaripaour, from the Abraaj group.

The group envisaged interest to set up a 300 mw wind power plant in Andhra Pradesh. The representatives informed that they will come soon to AP.

Soon after these meetings, the Chief Minister left for a bilateral meeting with Prof Klaus Schwab, Founder, World Economic Forum.

After meeting Mr. Schwab, the CM will come back to AP lounge for a meeting with Singapore EDB chairman and then travel to Zurich.

Later tomorrow, he will have a meeting with European Telugu community.

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