Astana and Amaravati share similarities we must formulate a road map to take this cooperation forward CM

Naidu is a very progressive political figure in India says    Mr. Asset Issekeshev Mayor of Astana.

“We will share where we did well and where we went wrong so that you can learn from our experience and avoid mistakes and improve your performance. We will work with you,” said Mr. Asset Issekeshev, the Mayor of Astana to the Chief Minister Shri N. Chandrababu Naidu when the latter called on him at the Mayors’ office today.

CM mentioned that last year the Prime Minister of India visited Astana and suggested that I take a cue from this futurist city of symbols.

“I must say that I am very impressed seeing how Astana is built. I have seen almost the entire city and found it very beautiful,” the Chief Minister said.

The CM found Astana very young, modern and very functional city.

Taking note of the similarities Astana and Amaravati share, the CM said that AP was bifurcated in an unscientific way without proper consultation. This has caused extreme distress to our state and now we are taking up this as a challenge and building a new capital for ourselves.

Mentioning his experience in building Cyberabad in the unified AP, the CM said that he was happy to have come here and informed that he learned a lot from Astana and would put this learning experience in building the new capital city Amaravati.

While extending an invitation to the Mayor asking him to visit Amaravati, the Chief Minister said he is interested in working closely with Astana in building Amaravati.

“We must chalk out a roadmap on how to take forward our cooperation,” the Chief Minister said.

In response, the Mayor said “I know you're a very progressive political figure in India.  We know your initiatives in IT and technology. We are keen to develop a relationship with your state and it will be very beneficial to both of us.

Stating that this relationship will be beneficial to both, the Mayor said that Kazakhstan has a lot of opportunities for business people from Andhra Pradesh.

To increase the tourist traffic between Kazakhstan and AP, the Mayor promised to speak to their transport minister to introduce a direct flight from Amaravati.

Stressing on a fact that AP is a knowledge state, the CM said that AP is strong in IT, Tourism and Pharma sectors.

“Our cooperation shall not be limited only to the construction of the capital. There are many areas and sectors where Kazakhstan and AP can work together,” the CM said.

The Mayor has shown keen interest to cooperate with AP in the construction of the new capital.

The CM asked the Mayor to share details of their architects, designers, and builders involved in the construction of Astana.

The Mayor replied that more than 150 architects have worked for ten years on their city project.

The CM appreciated the initiatives of the Mayor and his colleagues and added that In spite of being Sunday you've come to meet us. We are grateful to you and your colleagues.

As a parting remark, the CM said we should have a clear time frame to take our relationship forward.

Earlier in the day, the Chief Minister held a breakfast meeting with Mr. Harsh Kumar Jain, the Indian Ambassador at Astana at his residence.

The Ambassador briefed the CM and other delegates about Kazakhstan and Astana.

Later he listed out possible areas of cooperation between AP and Kazakhstan and what AP can learn from Astana.   

The CM and delegation visited Bayterek tower to get a Panasonic view of the core capital.

The tower is 97 meters high because Astana was announced as capital in the year 1997.