TATA Mega Convention Kickoff Fundraiser Event in Philadelphia

Thank you Philly Team and Delaware Team for Great Hospitality and great T.A.T.A Mega Convention Kickoff FUNDRAISER EVENT under the leadership of our Treasure Suresh Brother the event was so cordial and well executed in inviting organizations like TANA, IT Serve, Local Business Entrepreneurs for their support for the Mega Convention hitting their target and was able to get 62K Pledges. I applaud the efforts of and thank one and all PA Team Suresh Venkannagari, PRASAD Kunarapu, Vamshi Gullapally, Shiva Reddy, Ramana Kotha, Kiran Guduru, Madhu, Mallik BOLLA, Delaware Team Bhaskar Pinna, Venu, Janardhan Baddam.

Srinivasa Manapragada
T.A.T.A Mega Convention Cultural Advisor & Member CAC
Executive Director - Telangana American Telugu Association (T.A.T.A)
Board of Director - Cultural Affairs
Cultural Ambassador - State of California Governors Office