Stunning Performance at TANA


Stunning Performance at TANA

Indian Ballet Theater group headed by Dr. Ramana and Smt. Chandra Prabha Vasili gave a stunning performance @ TANA on May 28, 2017. The theme of the performance was titled “Entho Ruchira- ఎంతో రుచిరా!” after the popular song of Bhakta Ramadasu of Bhadrachalam. Though the theme title sounded Sri Rama Keertanalu, the group started the performance with Ananda Tandavam of Siva’s Sapta Tandavams. Kum.  Yogita Manasa Dintakurthi joined Gurus Sri Ramana and Smt. Chandra Prabha and together gave a stunning performance to the TANA audience. Anandatandavamade, a popular song from America Ammayi and Dr. Ramana choreographed dance uniquely. Indian Ballet Theater, a school of classical dance music from Cordova, Tennessee is part of Spiritual Foundation, Inc. a non-profit organization. IBT offers Kuchipudi Dance classes at India Cultural Center and Temple, Eads, Tennessee and Church of the Holy Apostles in Collierville, Tennessee.

Nidhi Niharika Chennam, Asmita Boddu, Nadhrua Menothuparambill and Rashmitha Bayyana performed Sri Raghavam slokam followed by Idigo Bhadradri, another popular song. The kids along with Yogita Manasa Dintakurthi also performed another Sri Ramadasu Keertana “Idigo Bhadradri Gowtami Adigo Chudandi- ఇదిగో భద్రాద్రి గౌతమి అదిగో చూడండి”. Finally the group ended the performance with “Ento Ruchira- ఎంతో రుచిరా!” Smt. Anusha Boddu and Smt. Indira Priyadarshini Chennam supported the troupe with excellent make-up and costumes. Mr. Raja Sekhar Chennam provided outstanding audio-visual effects and graphics.


As always, thank you.

Dr. Ramana Vasili



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