CISCO to work with Andhra Pradesh to make small business easy

The Chief Minister began his 5th day of his US tour by visiting CISCO office at San Jose.

Mr. John Chambers, Executive Chairman and former CEO of Cisco Systems received the Chief Minister and the delegation and said he has decided to spend quality time with the Chief Minister both at the CISCO office and also at the USIBC meeting scheduled to be held towards the evening, owing to his commitment he has towards India and in particular Andhra Pradesh. He added that he has invited the Chief Minister to his residence for a meeting with 30 CEO’s because of his personal admiration to the Chief Minister.

Mr. John Chambers gave a presentation on how modern communications can connect the world and as an example demonstrated how he conducts meetings from his board room with his executives around the world.

He stated that the world is experiencing disruption brought about by digital innovations and IoT. He gave examples to denote how rapidly the world was changing. He said, “It took 21 years for Amazon to overtake Walmart, similarly Tesla took 14 years to overtake Ford and General Motors and for us it took 7.5 years to overtake Tesla.” Tomorrow a challenger might need only 3.5 years to overtake the existing leader he added.

Mr. Chambers said that in the United States today, 20% of the jobs are created by companies which did not exist even a year a back , signifying that the new actors would change the world soon. 

Mr. Chambers said that 95% of business and political leaders have a vision for digitization but only 25% have a plan which highlights the need for a plan, a workable plan in place. 

He said “There are going to be 500 billion devices worldwide and they all will communicate.  That's the world we are going to see soon.”

Reflecting on the observations made by Mr. Chambers, the Chief Minister said that Andhra Pradesh is at the forefront in integrating technology in governance and that the government is keen on strengthening the ecosystem. “We need to explore the possible areas of collaboration with you,’ said the Chief Minister. 

John Kern, Senior Vice President, Guy Dietrich, Vice President and the delegation from Andhra Pradesh were present. Mrs. Aruna Sundararajan, IT secretary government of India is also present with the delegation. 

The Chief Minister informed Mr. Chambers that Andhra Pradesh can be a suitable pilot place for all the practices that emerge out of new trends. “We will create all the necessary conditions and Andhra Pradesh is now ready to take off,” added the Chief Minister. 

In his reply, Mr. Chambers said “Let’s work on how to make starting a new ‘small business’ easy and how to make knowledge sharing easy.” 


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