YS Jagan Praja Sankalpa Yatra 79th Day

The State teachers Association Nellore district met Jagan Mohan Reddy on Sunday in the 79th day of Padayatra at Mulumudi crossroad, Nellore Rural. The major demand as mentioned in the petition is to cancel the Contributory Pension Scheme(C.P.S) and reinstate the pension scheme for the teachers and principals.

1) They also requested to implement the wages as per the eleventh pay commission from 1st July.

2) 10th PRC arrears to be paid to the employees

3) DA arrears from last three years to be paid to the employees

4) To solve the united service rules for the employees and provide increments and promotions to teachers of all cadres

5) Removing contract and outsourcing mechanism completely

6) National increments for special teachers has to be provided

7) To obtain parity between DSC recommendations and PRC income recommendations while paying salaries and increments

8) To provide health cards to all the teachers, employees

They further asked Jagan to pressurise the government in this regard and requested him to include them in YSRCP agenda. The young leader accepted their request and instilled confidence in them by stating that their grievance will be duly addressed once YSRC forms government.

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