Assuring that medicare would be given be give a new lease of life by bringing in all surgeries above Rs 1,000 under Aarogyasri purview and giving pension of Rs 10, 000 during convalescence, YSR Congress Party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has said that Cahdnrababu Naidu government has totally neglected health schemes during the past four years.

Addressing a large gathering here on Saturday as part of the Praja Sankalpa Yatra, the Leader of Opposition said that new lease of life will be breathed into Aarogyasri, health scheme when our government will be formed with your blessings, as healthcare is one of the Navaratnas we have promised.

The people should reject those who go back on the poll promises to bring in credibility into politics and Chandrababu Naidu has not fulfilled a single election promise and even did not fulfill those promises he made as Chief Minister.

Aarogyasri has been totally neglected and quality medicare has become very dear and out of reach to the common people but we will reverse the trend by bringing all surgeries into Aarogyasri fold and will also give Rs 10,000 pension towards post surgery rest period. ‘We will also introduce 102 which will function as a veterinary dispensary, he said.

Chandranna Malls which are being set-up by the state are not for the benefit of the poor but to benefit his business partners as the groceries are sold at exorbitant prices, even after discount. Chandrababu Naidu has been inclined towards furthering the business interests of his coterie.

The promises of waiver of loans to farmers, women groups and unemployment stipend have not been fulfilled and a time has come when people have to consider if we need such a chief minister.

When YSR was chief minister, he solved the drinking water problem of this region by bringing water from Chitravathi and he has completed 80 % of the works on Handri-Neva project but Chandrababu Naidu during his four years could not complete the remaining 20 % works, he said.

He has promised Outer Ring Road, Central University, Food Park and many such infrastructure faciliteis to this constituency but failed on all fronts, he said.

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