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Ram Pothineni Unveils 'Deepavali' Trailer

Ram Pothineni Unveils 'Deepavali' Trailer

Ustaad Ram Pothineni has unveiled the trailer for 'Deepavali', the Telugu dubbed version of award-winning Tamil rural drama 'Kida' which has Poo Ramu and Kali Venkat in the lead roles. The trailer establishes the core plot of 'Deepavali' where a goat plays one of the leading characters along with a grandfather and his grandson. The goat is intended to be the source of happiness of the grandfather and his grandson and all hell breaks loose when it gets stolen by miscreants. Star comedian, Sapthagiri has given his voiceover for the goat's character and he brings a quirky essence to it.

The film is bankrolled by the veteran and tasteful 'Sravanthi' Ravikishore and it is presented by Krishna Chaitanya, while RA Venkat has directed it. This is the maiden Tamil film of Ravikishore and he is fully confident about the content. The trailer unveiled by Ram Pothineni, is a clear indication that the film is a novel rural drama and it revolves around a bunch of innocent and a group of wicked characters. The drama factor pulled through the goat and the consequences of it getting stolen, looks very interesting, apart from the earthy set-up and atmospherics.

The BGM and visuals add to the technical value of the trailer. Incidentally, ‘Deepavali’ was sent for international film screenings and it received standing ovation at the International Film Festival of India, Goa and the 20th Chennai International Film Festival where it won Best Film and Best Actor awards. The film is now set for its theatrical release on the 11th of November, marking the auspicious occasion of Deepavali, which coincides with the title of the film. It is releasing in Telugu and Tamil on the same date.



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