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TANA Back Pack Program in New York

TANA Back Pack Program in New York

TANA has received a very good response for the program and Wyandanch UFSH School Districts was grateful for the backpacks provided by TANA. They have been extremely excited to be a part of this giving back to the community event. We have been approached by other school districts in Suffolk that want to get involved with TANA for any ongoing giving back to the community events.

Overwhelmed by the response and a generous contribution from Jay Talluri garu.

Books, Crayons & Pencils sponsored by Booghe.com 

Textbooks sponsored by Sujana Garu.

TANA NY team is doing another round of backpack donations on Friday 09/17 morning at 8:30 am at Suffolk Y/JCC.Address 74 Hauppauge Road in Commack. 

Thank you so much to Rao Voleti garu,Prasad Kambhampaty garu,Atluri Lavanya garu,Kalluri Rajitha garu and Sudhir Gunda for attending the program.


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