TPAD’s New Executive Committee installed for Year 2021

Telangana Peoples Association of Dallas Oath Ceremony for 2021 Team

Telangana Peoples Association of Dallas (TPAD)'s Oath ceremony - With blessings and support from the DFW Telugu Community and with its core principle of Inspiration, Interaction & Inclusion and intent of pumping new ideas and energy into the organization, TPAD has installed its newly elected Foundation Chair, Co-Chair, BOT chair, Co-Chair, Coordinator, President and office bearers for the year 2021, at its principal office in Frisco.

The event started off with a formal prayer to lord Ganesha by Kausthau Krishna Pandugu.

Talking about TPAD’s activities during the Pandemic in 2020, Ravikanth Reddy Mamidi said TPAD has taken up charity activities at an early stage of the Pandemic by contributing to procure and distribute N95 masks to frontline staff in New York and donating for essential supplied to the needy in Mahabubnagar, Khammam and the poor artists in Hyderabad. He thanked the front-line workers all over world who have been serving the people during the pandemic.

Madhumathi Vysyaraju, Executive Committee Member of TPAD, gave an overview of the organization, its purpose and how it practices its core values of Inspiration, Interaction & Inclusion.

Speaking on the occasion, Rao Kalvala (Chair, Foundation Committee) said, through blood drive, TPAD has saved hundreds of lives in the past few years and he said they are planning to conduct blood drive more rigorously to help cater with rising need for blood.

Madhavi Sunkireddy, Chair of Board of Trustees said, TPAD’s mission is to serve the community in any way possible besides promoting our culture and traditions. She added saying, TPAD has made plans to conduct more charity activities in 2021.

Ajay Reddy, Janaki Ram Mandadi and Raghuveer Bandaru, the senior leadership members of the Organization, who spoke at the ceremony, thanked the world’s scientific community for working hard and developing the vaccine for COVID19 in record short time. They said they pray and are optimistic that the vaccine will prevent infections from COVID19 and save lives and that, people will start living normal life.

Goli Buchi Reddy, who is elected as EC coordinator, congratulated the team and thanked the past presidents of TPAD for laying a strong foundation for the Organization.

The following is the team for 2021.

Rao Kalvala (Chair, Foundation Committee), Raghuveer Bandaru (Vice Chair, Foundation Committee), Madhavi Sunkireddy (Chair, Board of Trustees), Indrani Pancherupula (Vice Chair, Board of Trustees), Buchi Reddy Goli (Co-Ordinator), Ravikanth Mamidi (President), Chandra Reddy Police (Past President), Roopa Kannayyagari (Vice President), Anuradha Mekala (General Secretary),

Linga Reddy Alva(Joint-Secretary), Shankar Parimal (Treasurer), Madhumathi Vysyaraju (Joint-Treasurer), Executive Committee members  Madhavi Lokireddy, Lakshmi Poreddy,  Rathna Vuppala, Roja Adepu, Sridhar Vemula, Manjula Todupunuri, Srinivas Annamaneni and Bala Gangavarapu and Board of Trustees Ram Annadi, Ashok Kondala, Pavan Gangadhara, Sudhakar Kalasani, Panduranga Reddy Palway,

Ajay Reddy, Raghuveer Bandaru and Janakiram Mandadi.


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