LATA Online Art Competition on 9 Jan 2021

LATA Online Art Competition on 9 Jan 2021

LATA is bringing back LATA Art Competition this Sankranthi. Enthused by last year's participation, we want to do an even bigger and better event this year. Although we are forced to conduct it remotely, we decided to take advantage of it and have the competition in digital form as well. So, the participant can now submit their Art in either Digital or Traditional format.


Theme for the competition is "Compassion during Covid". Covid-19 has affected many of our lives, and we have all endured the journey so far. If given a chance, how would you make yourself, your community, and the world a better place to survive or even thrive in this pandemic situation. 

Go ahead, and show us your skills in either digital or traditional format.



  1. Digital/Traditional art work/painting will be conducted live on Saturday, 9th January, 2021, starting at 10:30 am (via Zoom). Please allocate 2 hours for the competition, which includes initial instruction and final submissions.
  2. For Traditional submissions, poster/paper size cannot be greater than 22x28 inches. Preferred size will be 9"x12" or 11"x14" or 11"x17" (i.e. Strathmore, Canson drawing sheets available at Michaels/Target/Walmart). Any materials can be used (Crayons/Color Pencils/Watercolors).
  3. For Digital submissions, participants can use any of the computing devices such as tablets, or computers.
  4. Following are the categories based on age group:

- Category (A): 6 years and below
- Category (B): 7 - 11 years
- Category (C): 12 - 17 years
- Category (D): 18 years and above

To encourage kids, parents can discuss and bring awareness of compassion and resilience during challenging times in our life. 

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