TAL Children's Day 2020 Celebrations

Telugu Association Of London Children s Day 2020 Celebrations

Telugu Association of London (TAL)’s 13th Children's Day was celebrated online for the first time on Sunday 29th November 2020. The entire event was organized by the TAL Cultural center (TCC) for children.

About 70 children showcased their talents in various arts at the event. The event was a feast with children’s performances in Carnatic music, Bharatanatyam, patriotic songs, folk and Tollywood dances, all performed by the students of TCCs and other Telugu children in the UK. The program, which lasted for more than five hours, dazzled the audience with quizzes, game shows and songs.

Addressing the parents, TAL Chairman Mrs. Bharathi Kandukuri urged Telugu people to enrol their children in TCCs and help them pass on the Telugu language and culture to future generations. TAL Founders Dr. Ramulu Dasoju and Ramanayudu Boyella, former chairman Dharmavati Nistala made useful suggestions for children and parents.

The chief guest for the event, Seema Malhotra, MP in the UK, participated via video link. She praised TAL Children's Day celebrations that are held every year and hoped to mark a special day for children in Britain as well. She expressed her view on how Covid-19 lock-down was causing the little children to miss out on the time they naturally spend with friends. She lauded the children and their parents for participating in the event, expressing the feeling that such events would be fun and exciting for them. On this occasion, she also appreciated the help TAL provided to the needy during Covid-19 lockdowns.

Deputy Mayor Cllr. Raghwinder Sidhu, Cllr. Heera Mir and Mr. Lakshmi Prasad, who were guests at the event, lauded the services rendered by TAL. They specifically mentioned the efforts TCC is putting in to preserve Telugu culture and passing it on to the younger generation. They have appreciated the teachers of the TCC for assisting children in learning their mother tongue and culture at the TCC.

TAL Trustee (TCC) Giridhar Putlur said that TAL has been running Cultural Centers in London for the past 10 years with a good intention of imparting Telugu language and culture to younger generations of Telugu people in the UK. Vice Chairman Rajesh Toleti introduced the teachers Mrs. Veenapani Kona, Mrs. Shivaraji Sivakumar, Mr. Krishna Palakollu and Mr. CRG Krishna to the audience.

The Chairman thanked parents, TAL members and volunteers for their support in every event that TAL organises. Cultural Trustee Naveen Gadamseti thanked Sridevi Alleddula, Sharmila Reddy, Anil Reddy, Sujatha Gadamseti, Bharathi Sudanagunta and Harini Geddam for their support. Other TAL trustees Anita Nomula, Ravinder Reddy Gummakonda, Kishore Kasturi and Anil Anantula were among the others who passed their sincere thanks to supporters.

Young anchors for the event, Shiva Priya Peram, Yashvi Gadamseti, Prabhas Reddy Aenugu, Shatakshi Sudanagunta, Samantha Reddy, Shashank Baulur, Rishi Kothakotta and Anish Arige, received applause by the audience. Although the event was held online, the audience and organisers, who felt the event was the closest they could experience to attending in person, have appreciated the IT Trustee Kishore Kasturi who pulled it together in a short space of time.

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