TACO Election-2020 Results

TACO Election-2020 Results

Per the election notification dated September 27th 2020, the election committee has reviewed the received nominations for the notified positions. At the end of the withdrawal deadline of Oct 19th 2020, there is one nomination for each notified position. We are pleased to announce that the following candidates are elected unanimously to the respective positions.

2022 President Executive Committee - PRADEEP KUMAR CHANDANAM

2021 & 2022 LifeTime Member Trustee - RAMESH K MEDIKONDA

2021 & 2022 General Member Trustee - NARASIMHA IPPELA

These elected candidates will assume their respective roles by consulting the board as per the constitution version 3.0. Congratulations and best wishes to these winners .

We thank everyone for their support in helping us execute this process smoothly.

TACO Election Committee.