Meeting with Baroness Varma and UK Delegation
Sailaja Reddy Alluddu

Meeting with Baroness Varma and UK Delegation


Meeting with Baroness Varma and UK Delegation

Following up with a meeting during his recent visit to London, the Chief Minister met with Rt. Hon’ble Baroness Varma of Leicester, and a delegation from UK. He spoke to the delegation of the potential in many fields in AP, for investment opportunities and development programmes.

She expressed keen interest to collaborate with Andhra Pradesh, in the areas of infrastructure development, solar technology, education, capacity building and tourism.

Dr. Geoffrey Clements, Chairman of Commonwealth Infrastructure Partners, proposed the development of solar technology, and facilitating skill upgradation and training programmes. They told the Chief Minister, that they would like to invest in capacity building programmes and help strengthen the skill-sets of the people of Andhra Pradesh.

Ms. Fareena Sajjad, the Business Director at NeoXcraft, explained the opportunities in future-proof transport systems, and train and update professionals to efficiently use them. This system intends to reduce road congestion, air-borne pollutants, the wear and tear of roads, improve safety and create a vastly improved transport network towards a true smart city transport solution.

The Chief Minister said that he looks forward to reviewing more information on this system, and further the deal.

Mr. Amar Kavi, Chairman of Kavi Holding AG, will work for a pilot project in Visakhapatnam, to launch a secure ID system with censors, biometrics and GPS with the company, Fejlette. The Chief Minister said, “This can be launched with the police as well, and our DGP and Principal Secretary (IT) Ajay Jain can ensure that this project follows through.”

Mr. Suresh Mangalagiri, Executive Director of AdvaithBiofules Limited, expressed interest setting up a bio-diesel unit in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ), Visakhapatnam.

An Advisory Committee will be formed, to follow up with the proposals, which will be coordinated by Mr. Amar Kavi.

The Chief Minister was very happy with ideas and projects proposed, and said that he wants such international best practices to come to Andhra Pradesh.