CM reviews JanmaBhoomi preparations with District Collectors

CM reviews JanmaBhoomi preparations with District Collectors


CM reviews JanmaBhoomi preparations with District Collectors

Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu told officials not to discriminate in the distribution of assets, based on their support for TDP. All citizens in a democracy are eligible and entitled to the benefits of government schemes, he said.

“With the president’s arrival, our RTGS Centre and AP Fiber has got nation-wide attention”, said Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu in the video conference with District Collectors on Friday.

“The RTGS Centre is truly functioning well, and keeping us updated about the progress of other government initiatives. By March, we should be able to declare the state 100% ODF. Also, we will continue to discuss and track the attendance and performance of our employees”, he said, referring to the number of days taken to dispose a file, by ministers, secretaries and officials.

He spoke of the 17 sustainable goals of the government and KutumbaVikasam, SamajaVikasam. He said that the ecosystem which will be created must include machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics.

The meeting then began with a detailed discussion on JanmaBhoomi, describing the roles of each department of the government including Planning, RTG and Communications.

“The Mandal Level Team visits for grievance redressal must ensure that there must be no non-financial issues remaining”, said Sanjay Gupta, CEO, APSDPS.

He echoed the instructions given by the Chief Minister in the previous meeting regarding the importance of satisfaction levels in the state.

He urged officials to be proactive, especially during JanmaBhoomi, and understand, analyse and resolve the issues of the people rapidly.

“That’s why we have Welfare as the theme for the first day”, said the Chief Minister.

New ration cards will be given to around 2.24 lakh beneficiaries. Labour & employment scholarships will be given to 18 lakh people and tool kits to 19,500 people.

All bank & non-bank linked schemes will be fully distributed to the 2.7 lakh beneficiaries across all the minority Corporations (SC, ST, BC, Kapu, Minorities, Christian, Brahmin and others).

Post matric scholarships will be given to almost 10 lakh beneficiaries from the minority groups.

Pensions will be given to 3.8 lakh beneficiaries across the state.

The distribution of all these assets will take place during the Mega Grounding Mela, and cost the government ₹4,763 crore.

These ten days will also be used to create awareness of the government schemes, and assess their performance in the state, he said. 

“This is the biggest festival for us. In line with our series of festivals that celebrates nature like JalasirikiHarathi, VanamManam and Surya worship, JanmaBhoomiMaaVooru celebrates our mother earth”, he said.

He said that the grandeur of this festival can be reflected in the fact that there will be continuous engagement with the people on all the 10 days. “The common man will have a different perspective, and will be better at finding a solution”, he said, encouraging his officials to be receptive of the results of the different debates and discussions.

He addressed each District Collector and enquired about the status of the preparations for JanmaBhoomiMaaVooru.

There will be a live telecast of the Chief Minister’s participation in JanmaBhoomi in all villages from 3pm to 5 pm.

The 5K run on 7th January will be held from 6:30 am to 7:30 am across the state.

The Collectors presented their respective status updates of the number of financial and non-financial grievances and the committees created for coordination and organising of the programmes.

The Chief Minister instructed them to update the online portal in real-time, and said that he should be able to see the decline in the number of grievances.

He also said that the live telecast of the programme will be available on Mana TV (AP Fiber Grid), or Facebook Live links.

Swachh Andhra

As a part of the fortnightly review of the Swachh Andhra Mission, the Chief Minister enquired about the progress of each district.

Officials reported that the state’s average performance in the ODF mission is well above the national average.

“5969 GPs have been declared ODF, out of which 81% have been verified. 6 districts have completed the target, out of which 2 (Nellore and Krishna) have been verified. The target for the remaining 7 districts is March 2018”, they reported.

They also said that sustainability mechanisms must be promoted in JanmaBhoomi.

The Chief Minister was very pleased with the good speed at which toilets were being constructed. He said that the districts must take inspiration from Nellore and Krishna, and finish soon.

Srikakulam and Chittoor have the slowest progress, and Kadapa has made the highest progress since the last review meeting.

14.15 lakh toilets are yet to be constructed across the state, out of which 3,66 lakh toilets are yet to be grounded.


Secretary (General Administration Department) SrikantNagulapalli reported that there are 1,01,482 government offices in the state. Unique codes are being given to each office, based on their tier, location and department.

The targets for biometric implementation in HoD offices were also presented.

4,332 HoD offices (26%) have been mapped. Out of 39,593 schols, in 31,447 (79%) data mapping is done.

Out of 12,918 Panchayat offices, data mapping has been completed in 501 (4%).

VROs, Sub centres and other offices will also be included in the data mapping phase.

He also reviewed the implementation of e-Office in the CMO, and read out loud the progress of Ministers and Secretaries. The number of days to dispose a file, has reduced drastically, since the last review meeting.

“Everything will be open to public, and that should motivate all offices to work faster and efficiently”, he said.

“By March 31, 2018, we want to be a absolutely paperless centre.”, said the Chief Minister. He asked officials to observe and follow important statutory regulations regarding papers required and work towards accomplishing the paperless goal.

Social Media

The President of India made 24 tweets expressing his satisfaction, and pride in the Real Time Governance system, and AP Fiber Grid.

The Chief Minister said that Andhra Pradesh should continue to lead other states to the path of high technology.

CEO of RTG Ahmed Babu presented a series of tweets by politicians, celebrities, articles by media houses as well memes made by citizens appreciating the RTGS Centre.

The engagement with people on social media has increased significantly in the last two days, and the Chief Minister was pleased with the developments presented.

“This should also be interpreted as pressure on the government to deliver to such high expectations. All departments must continue the good work, and we will do wonders”, he said, ending the meeting on a motivating note.