YS Jagan Speech Highlights - BC Community Meeting

YS Jagan Speech Highlights - BC Community Meeting


YS Jagan Speech Highlights - BC Community Meeting

‘I will be two steps ahead of my father in empowering BCs. I'll take responsibility for your kids and I'll pay for their boarding and college fees’ Y S Jagan*

  • My father has shown his gratitude and love towards BC, he uplifted the BC families with fees reimbursement scheme. 
  • Educating BC is uplifting them; many BC students met me and complained of delay in fees reimbursement, Naidu is not only delaying the reimbursement but also trying to cut down fees reimbursement in totality 
  • I will ensure that through Amma Vodi scheme is implemented, and that children from every family are sent to school; and that Rs. 15,000 be credited to their mother’s account directly 

*YS Jagan on CM Chandrababu Naidu’s failed promises:*

He promised SC status to Valmiki (Boya), Kummara  Fisherman Community, I ask you, has anything been done so far, let’s see a show of hands.

Passing a resolution is mere gimmickry. He passed resolution thrice but what has been the result of it, any constructive outcome? 

I ask him what benefit did all those communities get after passing the resolution. On one hand he passes resolution and on the other provokes his party men to agitate against the community. 

YS Jagan on Weavers:

I visited families of handloom weavers who committed suicide. TDP or the sitting Govt. has no time to console the grieved weavers even after 35 of them committed suicide. Such is their conscience. 

Naidu had promised loan waiver, houses, and 1 lakh interest-free loan to weavers, I asked the agitating weavers, did it happen? The answer was NO. 

YS Jagan on depleting conditions in Government hospitals

Rajanna Rajyam was known for healthcare - he introduced the much beneficial *Aarogyashree*. Are we able to see any ambulances coming to us in 20 minutes now during emergency?

A YCP Government will ensure that any medical bill over 1000rs will be treated under ‘Arogyashree’ in Govt hospitals.

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